Breaking the Silence of Mental Illness

Lorraine Kaplan and Janet Susin are members of the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), who also happen to be educators, mothers, and parents of children who have suffered with mental illness.  Janet and Lorraine recently hosted a webinar representing theNAMI during which they provided a great wealth of insights into working with children suffering from mental illness.  The education community also provided their insights throughout the webinar in the chat window.  The webinar can be viewed below or can be downloaded.  Janet and Lorraine were also gracious enough to allow their powerpoint presentation to be made available for download.


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  1. Marci Abboud said:

    I must applaud the people who are part of NAMI. I have a son who, at age 20, developed schizophrenia. My husband and I found out about NAMI and started attending their meetings. They were such a great help and to meet with others who had relatives with various mental illnesses reassured us that we were not alone. My son has since done very well. He is med compliant, is working toward a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and is getting married. I never would have thought any of these were possible if I hadn’t had the pleasure of being associated with NAMI. Thanks, ladies, you do very good work!!!

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