Photography Basics, 3 L's


I am not a photographer nor do I play one on TV (or DV). I do know how to tell people how to compose video shots for effective visual storytelling. But if it weren’t for my two younger sisters and some neighbors, I’d hardly have any pictures of my own kids when they were growing up. I have been lucky to attend some Apple Institutes over the years and hear from and work with some world famous photographers. Aside from a few simple guide lines and “shoot, shoot, shoot to develop an eye,” I am sorry to report there is no magic wand or pill you can take. That hasn’t stopped me from occasionally trying to capture “the shot” with my inexpensive, fixed lens camera. And that didn’t stop me from saying yes to the Texas DEN when they invited me to be their remote lunchtime speaker to three different cities as they capped off their Photo Walk mornings. So, bowing to incredible public demand, here is the ~15 minute presentation I shared with them analyzing Light, Lines and the rules of thirds, and Looking for the small things in some pictures I’ve taken.

The 3 L’s


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