Let's Geaux Geocaching LA


You are invited to join the LA LC Chair in the Shreveport/Bossier area on a DEN Geocaching Adventure on Saturday, May 22.  Gather some colleagues and get together with other educators to explore what all the buzz is about!  If ever you were curious about Geocaching, or have already been geocaching, then you need to make time to join us for an exciting excursion.  We will have some cool prizes and have lunch provided, so basically all you need is to show up!  For more details and information, please email Susan Tompkins.  Let’s Geaux Geocache!


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  1. Deborah Thomson said:

    I’ll be joining you in spirit from the Illinois location. Hope we all get great weather and learn loads.

  2. Rita Mortenson said:

    Greetings from Wisconsin. I hope you have a great day of geocaching…the weather is suppose to be in the 80’s in Wisconsin.

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