The Discovery Education Atlas Canada Has Launched!

Great news!  The Discovery Education Atlas Canada is now live within the DE streaming Canada and DE streaming Canada PLUS services.

What is the Discovery Education Atlas Canada you ask?  Imagine an interactive map of Canada filled with engaging content all tied to your provincial standards.   Now imagine that this content included 550 video clips from Canadian producers and distributors – focusing on the unique history and culture of each province and territory.

Now stop imagining and log into  Then log in and click on the Teacher Center.  Once there click on the Atlas and explore all of the great content.

And here’s the really cool thing (as if that wasn’t cool enough) not only can Canadian educators explore the Atlas, their students can too!

All school licenses include student access which means that you can assign the Discovery Education Atlas Canada to an individual student(s) or an entire class.   Talk about your differentiated instruction!

Here is a quick little video which demonstrates how you can find the Atlas.  If you have questions about setting up your classrooms or assigning the atlas to your students please call us at 1-800-323-9084 and press the number 1 to talk to a live person.


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  1. Sarah Thompson said:

    YAY!!!! LOVE this! 🙂 Thank you!!!!

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