DEN Teacher Appreciation Week: Day Three

ATTENTION: Today’s winners of Frames from Tech4Learning are listed at the bottom of this post.  Please check for your name.

Today we celebrate DEN Teacher Appreciation Week with two special treats for our STARs.

A Special Offer from LabelDaddy
LabelDaddy’s labels are a huge hit with the DEN team.  I have one on my blackberry.  Steve has one on his iPhone.  We even put one on Hall just in case he gets misplaced. 

Now every STAR can get stuck on LabelDaddy with a 20% discount.

labelJust visit LabelDaddy and at checkout enter the code: DEN2010.

Label Daddy now offers hundreds of Disney icons.  Take a minute and friend them on Facebook.

If you post a comment to this blog telling us three words that summarize the DEN to you we’ll give you a shot at a $50 gift card every hour (from 12 PM ET to 6 PM ET).

  • 12 PM ET Winner – Laura Cummings
  • 1 PM ET Winner – Janette Smith
  • 2 PM ET Winner – Lori Reed
  • 3 PM ET Winner – Jeanne Rogers
  • 4 PM ET Winner – Kathryn Schuetts
  • 5 PM ET Winner – Kati Searcy
  • 6 PM ET Winner – Melissa Warren

More Prizes from Tech4Learning
Our friends at Tech4Learning wanted to celebrate with us today so they donated fifty copies of Frames.

framesFrames is the award winning educational software for stop-motion animation, claymation, and digital storytelling. Creating illustrated animations, movies, and digital stories engages students in the curriculum, encourages problem solving, promotes creativity, and helps students develop 21st century skills. Students can use Frames to create movies, animated GIFs, and Flash animations to share with the world.

For a chance to win, just post a comment to this blog telling us three words that summarize the DEN to you.  We will announce the lucky winners of Frames at the end of the day.

If your name is listed below as one of the winners of Frames from Tech4Learning please complete this form by Sunday, May 9 to receive your copy.

And the winners are…

Aaron Smith
Ann Marie Bishop
Beth Weeks
Bridget Belardi
Catherine Beck
Cathy Webb
Charlotte Solorio
Chris Webb
Cindy Carson
Dana Rossow
Denise Henry Orndorff
Dennis Grice
Diana Kenney
Elaine Plybon
Elizabeth Benno
Emma Haygood
Erin Misegadis
Eva Harvell
Fred Delventhal
Gail Braddock
Gena Price
Howard Martin
Jessica Donaldson
June Behrmann
Karla Halcomb
Kathryn Staton
Kelly Hines
Ken Shelton
Laura Cummings
Linda Michael
Lori Abrahams
Lori Reed
Lucas Rodriguez IV
Mary Pelton
Meg Griffin
Melanie Lewis
Melissa Warren
Mike Glennon
Nancy Keck
Patrice Weaver
Patti Duncan
Rachel Yurk
Rebecca McIntyre
Robin Talkowski
Sarah Thompson
Teryl Magee
Tina Moore
Tracey McGrath
Traci Seyb
Tricia Troiano



  1. Michelle Glynn said:

    Innovative, collaborative, learning!


  2. Tina Moore said:

    User-friendly, resourceful, technology

  3. Meg Griffin said:

    Dynamic, encouraging, necessary!!
    Thanks DEN!!

  4. Zach Ripley said:

    Effective, Elaborate, Engrossing

  5. Aaron Smith said:

    Oh yeah, 3 words to describe the DEN? Dynamic Educating Network (Yes I know “Network” is in the name, but it BELONGS there. It’s the people in the DEN that make it awesome.)

    My second choice was “dinosaurs entertaining nanobots,” which is something I might just have to create as an animation using Frames.

  6. Sarah Thompson said:

    stellar, spectacular, sensational!!! 🙂

  7. Charlotte Solorio said:

    I agree, how can I limit DEN to only 3 words!
    It’s explosive in generating words to describe DEN.

    It really is da bomb!

  8. Cathy Hammel said:

    Fabulous, informative, intuitive

  9. Joe Fromme said:

    awe-inspiring (I’m counting this as one word because I used a hyphen!!), remarkable, incredibly-supportive (okay, I’m pushing it I know, but three words seems inadequate to describe the awesomeness of the DEN).

  10. Nancy Sharoff said:

    DEN = ‘D’edicated ‘E’ducators ‘N’etworking

  11. Diana Kenney said: only posted one word…let’s try again.

  12. Heather Jancoski said:

    Magnificent, lifesaver, inspirational

  13. Mary Frazier said:

    Thinking, Transforming, Thriving

  14. Gail Braddock said:

    informative learning community

  15. Mona Effler said:

    collaborative, wide-reaching, last minute ideas

  16. Susan Bastian said:

    Collaborative, Engaging, Innovative

  17. Bettie said:

    collaboration, innovation, resources

  18. Kathleen Burwell said:

    Exhilerating, Invigorating, Energizing

  19. Robin Talkowski said:

    Sharing innovative, creative, engaging ideas!

  20. Heather Hurley said:

    Provides Fantastic Opportunities!!!

  21. Karen Miller said:

    incomparable, superb, topnotch,

  22. Kristine Rebstock said:

    I know it’s only one word, but it sums DEN up SO well!
    EDUCATION is not the filling of a pail…but the lighting of a flame!
    DEN is the SPARK!!!!!!

  23. Melanie Ruiz said:

    Thank you for all the wonderful gifts! My 3 words that summaraize the DEN for me are:

    inspiring, creativity, and collaboration!


  24. Deb Donley said:

    awesome professional connections

  25. Nancy Buchholz said:

    informative, inspirational, engaging

  26. Jessica Carter said:

    collaborative, informative, fun!

  27. Ann Marie Bishop said:

    Fantastically integrating technology!

  28. Tracey McGrath said:

    My three words that describe the DEN are D for dynamic E for engaging educators and N for networking.

  29. Shannon Wentworth said:


  30. Tricia Troiano said:


  31. Andrea Medrano said:

    endless, breathless, explosive

  32. Kathryn Schuetts said:

    engaging, educational, relevant

  33. Gena Price said:

    I waited until 12 p.m. ET but the post says 11:01 a.m. – must be Steve’s time!

  34. Roberta Thomas said:


  35. Lori Feldman said:

    Networking, Collaboration, Friendship

  36. Kevin Willson said:

    cooperative, engaging and exciting

  37. Jon Nakano said:

    networking, inspirational, priceless

  38. Ginger Merlau said:

    Educational, Rigorous, Relevant

  39. Sue Allen said:

    innovative collaborative community

  40. Sarah Garrity said:

    Collaborative, collegial, colossal

  41. Rebecca McIntyre said:

    Engaging, Enlightening, Awesome!!!

  42. Ruth E Manlandro said:

    Connecting Educators using technology
    Wonderful to teachers
    Inspiring teachers to share

  43. Patti Duncan said:

    Desired, enthusiastic, notable

  44. Ken Shelton said:

    Connecting, communicating, collaborating

  45. Deborah R. Heigel said:

    Equal -opportunity , generous, intelligent

  46. Brenda Green said:

    Collaborative, Innovative, Engaging

  47. Eva Harvell said:

    engaging .. collaborating .. learning

  48. Doug Mann said:

    Informational, entertaining, elightening!

  49. Shannon said:

    Innovatitive, collaborative, supportive

  50. Karen Vogelsang said:

    Influential, Energizing, Challenging

  51. chad said:

    fascinating, interesting, captiviating

  52. Anne Truger said:

    Collaborative,Special, RockSTARS

    Whew!That was tough!

    ~Anne T

  53. Keysha A said:

    3 words to describe the DEN: Leadership, Resourcefulness, Professionalism (the DEN brings each of these to a higher level for me)

  54. Todd Williamson said:

    Collaborative, impressive, sharing

  55. Karen Wells said:

    powerful professional learning community (I know it’s four words)( :

  56. Patti Grammens said:


  57. Tamara Ingalls said:

    Fabulous education enhancement

  58. Dotty Myers said:

    Fantastic, Engaging, Stimulating

  59. Sara Masse said:

    Informative, Interactive, Inspirational

  60. Margie Guillot said:

    learning innovation creativity

  61. Kay Bolerjack said:

    I am too late for the contest, I had class. But I still wanted to share!!! My three words are…
    educated, inspired, in-touch

    thanks Discovery

  62. Lori Abrahams said:

    Thanks Tech4learning and DEN!!

  63. Lisa Frabbiele said:


  64. Kat Staton said:

    Thank you so much for a copy of Frames! I can’t wait to get started!

  65. Sarah Thompson said:

    wow! Thanks DEN! I am completely and utterly looking forward to working with Frames in my school. Thank you!

  66. Bridget Belardi said:

    Yay!!! Thanks DEN and Frames! I can’t wait to collaborate with the art teacher for some really cool projects! 🙂

  67. Gwynn Moore said:

    Thanks to DEN and all the sponsors for Teacher Apppreciation Week. Love Prezi and Frames! And eager to get LabelDaddy.


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