DEN Teacher Appreciation Week: Day Four

ATTENTION: The lucky winners of a limited edition Glogster t-shirt are listed at the bottom of this post.  Check for your name. 

Have you got your glog on yet?  If not, now’s the time. As part of the DEN’s Teacher Appreciation Week celebration our friends at Glogster are providing STARs with 90 days of free access to the Premium version of Glogster EDU (normally $11.95 per month).

To discover how you can take advantage of this special offer, go to: and log in as a STAR.

And, if you leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you plan to get your glog on or how much you appreciate Glogster’s generosity you will have a chance to get a one-of-a-kind Glogster tee shirt. 

eduglogMore about Glogster EDU

Glogster EDU is your original educational resource for innovative and interactive learning. Glogster EDU was conceived to imaginatively, productively, and collaboratively respond to the dynamic educational landscape and exceed the needs of today’s educators and learners. We value the participation of educators and strive to assimilate their contributions to Glogster EDU, Glogster EDU is yours! Educators from all over the world are integrating Glogster EDU’s resourceful platform to make traditional learning more dynamic, more interactive and more in tune with learners today. Most importantly Glogster EDU is FUN for teachers and learners alike!

What’s the difference between Glogster EDU basic and premium?  Click here to learn more.

If your name is listed below please complete this form by Sunday, May 9.

Stacy Kasse
Janet Hallstrom
Anna Heffernan
Jen Brinson
Deb Thomson
Margie Rogers
Rebecca McIntyre
Jennifer Jensen
Patricia A. Hawkenson
Dorie Glynn


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  1. Maureen said:

    Glogster is responsive to educators concerns and actively seeks input as they design their product. My students love using glogster.

  2. Rachel Yurk said:

    Glogster is awesome! It is always a first activity with my students so they can introduce themselves. Thanks!

  3. Stacy Kasse said:

    It’s time to GO GREEN and with GLOGSTER my third graders can do that for International Day. Each student will be making a glogster of the country they are researching this year. What a great way to save the Earth of poster board and go multimedia with posters. Thanks!

  4. Tim Childers said:

    I love edu.Glogster! My kids are working there now to demonstrate what they’ve learned about a career of their choice. Not only can we embed DE Streaming video, audio, and picture files (behind the wonderful password protected edu site), but I can also embed their Glogs back into DE Streaming! What a great gift on this 4th day! Thank you DE Streaming and Glogster!

  5. Brenda Green said:

    Thank you DE and Glogster!!!! I think I will have my students create book review/poster type Glogs. They can include related images, sounds, movies,and so on to explain the theme, setting, characters, conflict, etc in the books.

    I love the career choice idea Tim posted above too. Maybe I will also try that with the students. So many possiblities, so little time!

  6. Mark Dunk said:

    I signed up for the Glogster EDU service and found out that it is blocked as “Social Networking” in my district. I’ve asked for it to be unblocked, so I hope to join all of you soon.

  7. Janet Hallstrom said:

    Glogster sure beats the glue, magazine pictures, poster board, markers way of doing things when I was in school. We have come a long way, Baby.

  8. Tanya Swindell said:

    We love presenting research with Glogster in second grade. My students also integrated their science research into language arts by creating an animal based on Jack Prelustky’s book Scranimals. Students researched the animals they combined, wrote a story about the animal and made an animated video to embed in the glog. I have never seen students this excited about research! Glogster is a wonderful way to differentiate learning with these kiddos!

  9. Carolyn Rains said:

    My students instantly loved Glogster the second they saw it. It was so simple for them to learn they voluntarily put in extra hours at home perfecting their Glogs!
    Thanks, Glogster! You rock!

  10. Pam Shoemaker said:

    I am working on creating an online course for teachers in my district, and have plans to include Glogster. I’ve used it and know of several teachers in my district who use it too. We LOVE it!

  11. Anna Heffernan said:

    Thank you glogster and DEN. I am excited about using glogster and introducing it to my fellow teachers. DEN always keeps us on the cutting edge of technology. Thank you.

  12. lisa frabbiele said:

    My students and I love Glogster. What a fantastic way to be creative and not waste resources. No more having parents rush out at the last minute for craft supplies. Yeah!!!!

  13. Jen Brinson said:

    Our students get their glog on by creating movie posters for books they have read, campaign posters for candidates running for office, or historical posters for folks that ran in the past, and propaganda posters in the rising tide of WWII.

  14. Kathy Peterson said:

    We use glog to make the posters for our rooms in the first week and leave them up around the room all year to make the students feel ownership of the room.

  15. Dean Mantz said:

    I love the flexibility of Glogster. One of it’s best functions is it serving as a virtual, interactive display board. I will be using it in my teacher PD course at the end of May. My district teachers will create a Glogster to display their work throughout the week.

  16. Deb Thomson said:

    Glogster is such an exciting application and it is so wonderful to have developers who are so responsive to the needs of educators.

  17. Teryl Magee said:

    I love sharing Glogster with students and teachers alike. Of course being able to use it seemlessly with DE media is absolutely wonderful, and the fact that it is a great tool to do cross-curricular projects is a definite bonus!

    Thanks Glogster and DEN!

  18. Rita Buhite said:

    Glogster is a great site that allows to students to be creators of content. My students love to create interactive posters on Glogster.

  19. Lucas Rodriguez IV said:

    My tech kids love edu.glogster. They have done some gret projects. We have thought about doing book report type stuff on them as well as thought about Back to School stuff for next year.

    Thanks again for your support.

  20. Kevin Willson said:

    Fourth graders will be using glogs to create biography reports. Parents will be then coming in and using our laptops to view the class glogs with their students.

  21. Selena Ward said:

    I have loved Glogster from the beginning and am so excited to try the Premium side. It will be perfect to convince my school to pick up the tab next year.

    Not only do my students love it, but I have even started to use it for presentations. If you make the elements bigger and take screenshots, they make a great bulletin board.

  22. Margie Rogers said:

    I just set up a class Glog to share their Fractured Fairy Tales podcasts. It was so easy, and a great way to share the kids’ work. Thank you, Glogster! We love how you listen to teachers, ask what we need, and Voila! It’s there! You folks are AWESOME!

  23. Mary Ray said:

    Glogster allows our students to personalize their learning. It’s ease of use makes it the perfect Web 2.0 tool for students of all ages and with our growing concern regarding the earth’s natural resources – Glogster is an excellent way for classroom’s to GO GREEN! Thank you Glogster and DEN for providing us with this phenomenal resource!

  24. Charlotte Anderson said:

    Mine is really a question- I have a regualr Gloster account not an educator account – will this update to a teacher account? I will use Glogster either way.

  25. Tracy said:

    This is Tracy Standhart (for some reason my full name isn’t showing when I reply to these)
    Anyway… I love, as do my students, Glogster. I introduced it last quarter as a way of students to share what they have learned about Careers. I am still in the process of having students work on their creations, but there are a couple posted at .
    I like the fact we can incorporate DEstreaming videos, images, and other multimedia.
    The use of Glogster is spreading in our school. Students in World Studies class are using it now to “glog” about different countries.

    THANK YOU Glogster for creating yet another way to integrate technology into the lives and classes of our students!

  26. Valaina Maher said:

    I used Glogster with our 600 club students and they loved it. They even created a movie telling about Glogster and encouraging other students to use it.

  27. Rebecca McIntyre said:

    We have several teachers in the building using Glogster. Language Arts: Book reviews, Science: Posters of how bones work, Cross Curriculum: Introduction activity. My Tech Students: “How Too” pages. Students love the freedom this tool allows!

  28. L. Nicole Cox said:

    My students LOVE glogster!! We started on glogster with a tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., and they created their own “I Have a Dream” poster. Since then they want to glog about everything! They want to come in at recess, make glogs at home, and spend free time in class glogging. What a fabulous tool!

  29. Ann Porta said:

    Glogster is great! Students are using it to demonstrate knowledge of content area. I had students research internet history, then they create a Glog to show what they learned. They inserted sound, links, etc. Of course, they also put moving objects, pictures, etc. that are found on Glog.

  30. Lori Abrahams said:

    Glogster and DEN work together to engage student’s learning! Thanks again for all you do for educators.

  31. Cathy Webb said:

    Students will use Glogster to share their ideas for a future business or innovation. The kids LOVE this tool!
    I’m excited to explore the premium features! THANK YOU Glogster and Discovery!!

  32. Judy Williams said:

    Glogster is so generous. At our Day of Discovery one of the sessions I took was on using Glogster- how great they are offering us this super deal. Can’t wait to get it going!

    DEN you are the best in making sure the teachers get the best! Thanks for caring about education!

  33. Tricia Troiano said:

    Wow! I am going to have to admit that I have never heard of Glogster before today’s blog and I went to their website to check it out and I blown away. As a special education teacher who is loves technology and wants to find ways to help her sped kids learn and increase their academic skils outside of the “norm” I would use Glogster to have them great projects (because all my sped kids love computers) that would show they have mastered skills but in a way that will take the stress off of them because they have issues with writing or reading or whatever their disability is. This program could help builde back up their self esteem and teach them that they can learn just like anyone else.

    Thank you Glogster and the DEN for this opportunity to try your product out!

  34. Robin Talkowski said:

    My students are using glogs to help teacher their classmates words derived from a specific Latin root word. They are using pictures and embedding video and audio. Thanks Glogster!

  35. Joe Fromme said:

    WOW!! Learning happening while they are having fun. I think I was born ?? years too soon. This is another great tool to add to the tool box.

  36. Nancy Porter said:

    I got a call from a parent who said she loved how I had “tricked” her kid into writing by using Glogster! It is fun! It can be used in so many ways across the curriculum! Thank you Glogster for this gift. I am anxious to see what additions this adds!

  37. Dorene Bates said:

    I love Glogster. I had my students create a Glog reviewing different books for Battle of the Books competition. They really enjoyed creating the glogs.

  38. Janette Smith said:

    The students really like this program. It is easy to learn and makes presentations so much easier. I still require the same amount of research, but Glogster makes presenting the material much more fascinating for everyone involved. Thank you so much for this gift!

  39. Mark J Perlman said:

    WOW – we have been and are continually treated GREAT by Discovery and friends. Now Glogster just might make it easy for me to look creative!!! Students LOVE it (and of course, are better at it than I am)

  40. Heather Leal said:

    Glogster is a great way for kids to present information and ideas. Our Lang. Arts teachers are working on ways to make literature posters- characters, scenes, themes. I can’t wait to see what the kids come up with! Thank you! We love you guys!

  41. Dennis Grice said:

    QUESTION!! Can this offer be used to upgrade an existing EDU account to EDU Premium? If so please advise.

  42. Erin Yagi said:

    Thank you very much for the Glogster account!! Honestly, when I first saw Glogster I had no idea of its power. I didn’t think that it would have much use in the classroom…I can’t believe I thought that!

    After going to the Glogster site and being a part of the DEN, I see how really powerful Glogster is! It can be used as a digital poster to a learning “portfolio” to an end of the year summary! The possibilities are endless!

    I’m so sorry that I ever thought otherwise!!

    Thank you Glogster and DEN!!

  43. Jeanne Rogers said:

    A huge thanks to Glogster and Discovery! I will enjoy learning about Glogster and its benefits and then sharing with my staff.

  44. Emma Haygood said:

    Thank heavens for Glogster! I was becoming burned out with PowerPoint presentations and Glogster saved the day! My middle schools students (especially the girls) use Glogster to build awesome multi-media presentations. The level of creativity Glogster fosters is amazing!

  45. Velma Davis said:

    I just did a television segment on the benefits of GLogster EDU in the classroom and how to do a Glogster step-by-step. IT is not quite ready but when it is it will appear here:
    Of course, use Glogster to create posters with research but I think the coolest idea is to use it as an interactive whiteboard lesson. Create a Glog with hyperlinks and embedded video!

  46. Jennifer Jensen said:

    I was excited to learn about it at last year’s Institute. I have used it in the lab with all of my 2nd graders – they made Glogs about “Being Healthy.” I’m looking forward to sharing it with the entire staff at the beginning of next school year. Glogster rocks!

  47. Gina Loveless said:

    Boy would a Great Glogster t-shirt be JUST the thing to wear during my trainings!!! I always wear my Discovery shirts on training days and a Glogster shirt would be beautiful!!!! I teach educators from 5 counties how simple it is to “Get Their Glog On” and they LOVE it!!!!!

  48. Bettie said:

    I have seen and “played” with glogster but cannot wait to use it with students this fall. Also hope to update our media/tech web site at school as a glog this summer. Thanks so much!

  49. Charlotte Solorio said:

    Glogster ROCKS! My students thank you, my Principal thanks you, the parents of the students thank you, and I think you, Glogster and DEN!
    P.S. My non-STAR colleagues are wondering why they are not DEN STARS!
    A zillion thanks to you guys!

  50. Dennis Grice said:

    From 3rd grade to Middle School, our students love using Glogster. 6th Graders used it for “book reports” and included a video of themselves dressed up as the main character. A staff favorite was the kid who told about Harry Potter as he was fighting a Basilisk (A garden hose on strings controlled by Dad.) Love the creativity!

  51. T. Lawless said:

    I love Glogster and Discovery Education. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity. You guys are amazing! My students use Glogster to create book reports and no trees are harmed in the process.

  52. Linda Michael said:

    It took me months to get glogster unblocked in my district and working properly. My students love it…thank you Discovery and Glogster.

  53. Dawn DeWitt said:

    I went all the way to San Fransico and got a T shirt! Could I stay at school and go surfing and get a fantastic GLOGSTER T-SHIRT? That would be way cool! I would feel so APPRECIATED! Thanks to Discovery and Glogster! YAYYY!

  54. Deborah R. Heigel said:

    Make glogs…not war!! I love my glogster. I tell everyone I meet in education that its the greatest! Thank you glogster…thank you Discovery. I love being one of your stars:)))

  55. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    I am known in my district for being tech savy. How can I keep up that image without a Glogster T?! Hope it comes before my summer school movie and digital media class starts in June! Thank you, Glogster, for supporting the DEN’s efforts in leading teachers to expand their knowledge of how technology can give our students the edge they need to compete.

  56. Marie Coleman said:

    Just want to say ‘thank you’ again, DEN – it is so nice to feel appreciated and to know you continue to support us, especially this week! 🙂 Thanks, too, to Glogster for having an interest in working with education! Glogster is another fantastic tool for web use in the classroom – I introduced to high school English classes to use as a different format for ‘book trailers’ and it was enthusiastically received! 🙂

  57. Conni Mulligan said:

    GLOGSTER is AWESOME!!! It is a wonderful interactive tool for teachers and students to showcase and share their lessons and presentations. I am TOTALLY hooked!

  58. Robin Martin said:

    Glogster is used for making 21st century posters!! I love how they have taken a known skill (posters) and made it current! Thanks to the generous folks at Glogster for this cool gift! I would definitely wear a Glogster T-shirt when doing professional development for Wilkes and my school! Cool beans…

  59. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    Glogster is a great opportunity for students to show what they know in an innovative and reative way. Many of my more reluctant students jump at the chance of using Glogster as a way of showing what they’ve learned on a specific topic. I appreciate that Glogster has seen that it is beneficial in the field of education. Thanks!

  60. Bobbi Gurney said:

    Glogster is an incredible way for all students to shine! I especially love how easy it is to use, makes it such a valuable resource for my students with language IEP goals. I purchased the premium account during a project and love it. You can make templates for your entire class to use. Thank you Glogster for making this wonderful presentation tool! A GLOGSTER T-Shirt would ROCK!

  61. Bobbi Gurney said:

    If you’ve purchased the premium account already, can the 90 days be added to the account you have already? That would be great!

  62. Eric Strommer said:

    Thanks for all the resources that you have supplied this week!
    I have not used it yet with my students but having the edu account gives me the nudge that I needed.

  63. Dorie Glynn said:

    Thank you so much Glogster and the DEN for your support!

  64. Suzanne Wesp said:

    Thanks, DEN and Glogster. I can’t wait to check out the extra features. My students have already used Glogster.

  65. Lisa Frabbiele said:

    Thanks, Glogster. My students enjoy using your services way more than poster board and markers. My parents especially like the convenience.

  66. Heather Sullivan said:

    Thanks again DEN!! My environmental science students are already working on creating glogs about the Icelandic volcano eruption’s impact on various European nations. Now we can jazz them up even more 🙂

  67. Robyn Foret said:

    I love Glogster. My students are able to use this for presentations and I am able to use it to create a class glog to reflect on a project. I currently have a glog posted on the school’s eBoard in order for parents to see some of their student’s work. Thank you for this trial; I can’t wait to use this version.

  68. Lisa Frabbiele said:

    Glogster is fantastic. What a great resource for students and teachers. Thanks, Glogster.

  69. lisa frabbiele said:

    Gloster is an invaluable asset to students and parents. Everyone loves having Glogster as a classroom option. Thanks, Glogster.

  70. Kelli Erwin said:

    Glogster EDU is spreading like wildfire in our district. Can’t imagine not using it. I even applied and became a Glogster Ambassador. Check it out and apply to spread the word.

  71. Linda Hughitt said:

    My thought is to have my kids either glog their states they are researching or their National Parks.

    This looks like a great tool.

    Thanks for all the wonderful things to use in the classroom!

  72. LaQuita Hutchinson said:

    I will be using glogster with a group of middle school and high school science teachers to create a portfolio of standards and objectives covered during the semester. It is an AWESOME resource.

  73. Kristi Reichard said:

    I am new to Glogster and love it! I am eager to try and use it with my students this fall.

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