DEN's 4th Day Give-Away!

Have you got your glog on yet?  If not, now’s the time. As part of the DEN’s Teacher Appreciation Week celebration our friends at Glogster are providing STARs with 90 days of free access to the Premium version of Glogster EDU (normally $11.95 per month).

To discover how you can take advantage of this special offer, go to: and log in as a STAR.

And, if you leave a comment on this blog post telling us how you plan to get your glog on or how much you appreciate Glogster’s generosity you will have a chance to get a one-of-a-kind Glogster tee shirt.

eduglogMore about Glogster EDU

Glogster EDU is your original educational resource for innovative and interactive learning. Glogster EDU was conceived to imaginatively, productively, and collaboratively respond to the dynamic educational landscape and exceed the needs of today’s educators and learners. We value the participation of educators and strive to assimilate their contributions to Glogster EDU, Glogster EDU is yours! Educators from all over the world are integrating Glogster EDU’s resourceful platform to make traditional learning more dynamic, more interactive and more in tune with learners today. Most importantly Glogster EDU is FUN for teachers and learners alike!

What’s the difference between Glogster EDU basic and premium?  Click here to learn more.


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  1. Lisa Parisi said:

    Glogster is a fave in the classroom. Students love making glogs to demonstrate learning about books, history, etc. The Glogster crew has been amazingly supportive of educators. Getting 90 days free is fabulous. A t-shirt would make me the hit of the classroom!

  2. Karen Ogen said:

    Glogster is my favorite online tool to use with students. Students love creating glogs and I love how easy to use and flexible Glogster is. Anyone can make a glog with this great multimedia publishing tool. The Glogster developers also listen to the education community and continue to improve their products for classroom use. Thanks Glogster!

  3. Robin Martin said:

    Glogster is used for making 21st century posters!! I love how they have taken a known skill (posters) and made it current! Thanks to the generous folks at glogster for this cool gift! I would definitely wear a Glogster T-shirt when doing professional development for Wilkes and my school! Cool beans…

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