Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation Partners with Discovery Education

Discovery Education and The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) announced today an unprecedented, innovative alliance to help parents, educators, and children address the problem of childhood obesity.

Today HWCF is launching web-based outreach campaigns with Discovery Education to encourage and promote physical activity and healthy eating, especially among children. The online campaigns address rising levels of childhood obesity.   About one-third of American kids are currently overweight. The outreach program is uniquely designed to support children whether at home with their families or at school with their teachers. A simple interface empowers users to easily transition between the websites creating a virtually seamless user experience educating parents and children, no matter where they are, about healthy food choices, eating tips, and physical activities. The comprehensive student engagement program presented by HWCF and Discovery Education at leverages Discovery Education’s communications expertise and demonstrated ability to provide educators with useful tools to help their students.   What better tool to release stress before testing begins and to help fill those long days after end of year testing.


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  1. Sara said:

    This really sounds like a great program and I am very interested in getting my students involved for the upcoming school year. Our school participates in a healthy schools grant, in which everyday our school gets healthy snacks (fruits and vegetables), which are distributed to all students in our school daily. It is a great program and has exposed our students to a large variety of healthy snacks that they may not have tried otherwise. I think that energybalance 101 would be a great extension to this grant that we have received.

  2. Camille Blair said:

    This sounds like a great idea. This is such a big concern in society. I teach Food Science and Nutrition at the HS level and I teach a unit on nutrition and energy balance. The students are very interested in this. Emphasizing this concept at an earlier age would hopefully make a positive impact on childhood obesity and result in making healthier food choices.

  3. Monique Bredbenner said:

    The idea can’t come at a more pivotal time. Energy Balance 101 has real family friendly ideas. Not only do the suggested ideas promote healthy lifestyles, but they foster strong family ties. Excellent resource!

  4. Jason M said:

    This is a topic which needs to be given more attention and this seems like it is taking a step in that direction. Today’s youth is facing a major issue when it comes to making healthy choices and programs need to be initiated which teach children, parents and teachers how to go about making healthy choices for both now and in the future. This program will greatly benefit all parties involved and hopefully have a positive, long lasting impact on the health of students.

  5. Devon Y said:

    Wow! I am so excited that we as a society realize what an epidemic childhood obesity really is. As a physical and health education teacher I see the effects of childhood obesity on a daily basis and am troubled by the growing number of students that are overweight. There is a website that I recommend to my students and parents to help keep kids healthy and active. It is called Children can go and play all sorts of activities that require them to move and be active while racing against the computer. It is actually really quite neat! I hope this new program works to help stop childhood obesity rates from rising, but I have a feeling it will take a national effort to accomplish that goal.

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  8. Jenna said:

    It is important for students to be educated at an early age about the importance of living a healthy balanced life. I am a fifth grade teacher and I spend the last quarter of the year devoted to the human body, nutrition, and exercise. My class even chooses (most of them) to walk nonstop during their recess time. We walk all around the school’s property to determine how many laps we can complete. Each day we try to make it farther then the last endpoint. I enjoy This website provides information for parents, lessons for teachers, games, activities, and coloring pages for students. You can also find a blog to follow or a healthy challenge for students.
    I look forward to the new resource with useful tools to educate my students.
    Devon, is a great resource. Thank you!

  9. B. Albright said:

    Thanks Devon for the website. I am adding it to my classroom website as well as passing it on to the school nurse!

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