DEN Teacher Appreciation Week: Day Five

What a week!  We should celebrate like this every week.   On our last day of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week we have the support of two more great partners.


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12 PM Winner – Melanie Ruiz
1 PM Winner – Cheryl Lykowski
2 PM Winner – Janette Smith
3 PM Winner – Rachel Yurk
4 PM Winner – Emma Haygood
5 PM Winner – Lori Reed
6 PM Winner – Mary Pelton

If your name is listed as one of the winners above, please complete this form.


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  1. Janette Smith said:

    My favorite teacher was my High School Science Teacher Mr. Derks. He made Science come alive for us. He used a lot of hands on experiments to help us understand the different concepts. He was firm but very kind in his approach. I teach the way that I do because of his approach with his students. I have been out of school for 32 years, but still teach from his examples.

  2. Lori Abrahams said:

    Thanks again DEN for all you do to help Discovery Educators!

  3. JenWagner said:

    My favorite teacher was Dr. G. Tiffin.

    He realized that I had test anxiety and though I knew the answers, I could not convey that on tests.

    (It did not help that often his tests had more than 1 correct answer but there was 1 which was more correct. Really made us have to think beyond the obvious.)

    So—he started staying after class to allow me to take tests verbally. We ended up having discussions (not tests) yet he was able to verify that I knew the information and also that he had shared information accurately.

    We have some very very awesome discussions and one of my favorite times in history now is World War II with an emphasis on Great Britain.

    He was a grand professor who wished for student success and also student feedback.

  4. Lisa Frabbiele said:

    My favorite teacher ever treated us as a young adult. She expected us to reach higher standard and didn’t act surprised when we did.

  5. Rachel Yurk said:

    My favorite teacher ever was Ms. Lesh – Dembo will remember her too. She made choral music a blast and had a very famous relative, like from the Grateful Dead I think. Anyway, she was fun, creative, spontaneous and you could tell she loved her job. I think she later married and became Mrs. Mann. She was awesome!

  6. Melanie Ruiz said:

    Thank you Discovery for all the wonderful gifts this week! I love being a part of thie vibrant and generous community of teachers!

    About my favorite teacher…It was Ms. Hill, my English teacher throughout high school. She challenged me and valued me for the student I am. And in the end inspired me to be a teacher without me even realizing it!

  7. Robyn Foret said:

    My favorite teacher brought me to the local state university and taught me how to research my topic while I was in 10th grade. I felt so mature and it really got me motivated to attend college. She allowed us to grow as writers and didn’t set limits on her expectations. I am thankful to her for this.

  8. Linda Michael said:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Shupe. She was my fourth grade teacher and she is what inspired me to become a teacher. I knew ever since fourth grade…what I wanted to do when I grew up. I have been teaching for many years now…and I still enjoy it. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

  9. Fred Delventhal said:

    Mr. Wilkinson was my middle school math teacher. He pushed me to go into AP math and set an example for how teachers can stay relevant to students by being interested in what interests students.

  10. Nancy Porter said:

    My favorite teacher always kept us wondering what was going to happen next. His illustrations were interesting and his language colorful. He developed a community of learners anxious for the next challenge.

  11. Selena Ward said:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Baker. She told the best stories about her first airplane ride and she had high expectations for all of her students. She was my inspiration as a teacher.

  12. Emma Haygood said:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Gropp who started our 7th grade geography class with time to talk about current events. Some days we never got to the prepared lesson because we spent the whole hour talking about current world events. I learned more about the world, politics and government from those talks than I did in any of my other traditional social studies classes.

  13. Dawn DeWitt said:

    My favorite teacher ever is Hall Davidson. Hall know exactly what it takes to get the “student” on board for the activity or task and makes sure that he fully explains every aspect of the concept and it’s connections to real time use. An AWESOME educator and a darn nice guy too!

  14. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Williams in HS. She taught several science classes and was the driving force for me to become a teacher. She never accepted failure as an option for anything and always inspired me to do my best and push harder for me to achieve my goals.

  15. Elizabeth Knittle said:

    So hard to tell, I had some terrific teachers during my schooling, maybe that was why I became an educator. Mr Shell made physics fun, I never felt so smart. Mr Note taught American History and the Constitution I have vivid memories of our lively class discussions. Mrs Curizy, my chemistry teacher, challenged us in so many ways. These among others gave me a love of learning and inquiry I still carry with me to this day.

  16. Ivette said:

    With all of my degrees (three masters and then some) the one teacher who taught me the most important skill was my sewing teacher Mrs. Tieri. She was by far the most memorable teacher. Because of her when somethings not right, I do it again. Instead of wasting (material) i measure twice cut once. In the end slow and steady always turns out a fabulous product. Not to mention all the great costumes, curtains, outfits I’ve made for my family. I know that she has a special place in heaven. ln the end she showed me that with a little love, patience, and care everything can create beautiful things/people.

  17. John Phillips said:

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Dryer. She was the teacher who sparked my interest in science by blending blue colored water with yellow colored water, to make green colored water. That is one of my favorite memories.

  18. Josh said:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Burbak. He taught me that nothing was as important as living life, something not easy to grasp as a high school boy. He showed a passion in everything that he did and genuinely cared for all of his students. He honestly changed how I live my life and I try to pass that along to everyone I meet.
    Thanks Discovery for a great week!

  19. Catherine Beck said:

    My favorite teacher was Linda Stevens. She made learning incredibly fun–to this day I don’t remember exactly what I learned in her class, but I definitely remember HOW I learned it. She was brilliant in the craft of teaching. I found out a few years ago that she now teaches at a school just down the street from where I teach.

  20. Melissa Warren said:

    My all time favorite teacher was my high school Spanish teacher, Mrs. Tester. She made learning fun and interesting. Later, I came back to begin teaching and she had changed to a different school system and we were colleagues rather than teacher and student!!

  21. Kim Fiore said:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. DeRoberto. She made sure that we knew that there was a whole world outside of our small town and helped us to discover it. This was in the 1970s and I know she would LOVE all of the 21st century tools that are available today.

  22. Mary Pelton said:

    My favorite teacher is still my 1st grade teacher, Miss McMurtry. She was just a really great teacher who wanted us to learn.

  23. Joe Fromme said:

    My favorite teacher was my dad! Yes, that’s right, my dad. I had my dad three days a week for my four years of high school. He was the Phys. Ed. teacher, so there was no way of not having him! I am not sure I appreciated him then the way i should have, but as I have gotten older and had kids of my own, I look back at the many life lessons I learned from him, both in school and at home, and am very thankful.

  24. Roberta Thomas said:

    I loved school (nerd) so it is hard to have a favorite teacher. The ones that are closest to my heart are the ones who expected more from me and believed in me.

  25. Mike Glennon said:

    My favorite teacher was one of my high school social studies teachers, Mr. Manson. He was always so into social studies that he got us excited about it. Also, he would do slide shows with music…but they were never cheesy or boring; they were always great.

  26. Jen Kraft said:

    My favorite teacher is my mom. She is finishing up her career this year after teaching for 38 years in the same district, most of those years in 4th grade. She is very sad to be giving it up and if it hadn’t been for it being a contract year, I think she would be staying. She has always been there my whole life and I am seeing how much of an impact she has had not only on me, but the students that she has taught and the other teachers in our building as well. She is a cornerstone of North Schuylkill School District and will be sorely missed by everyone!

  27. Mary Ray said:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Fabian in third grade. The school bus would pick her up in the morning and she would ride to school with us. The year was 1970-71 and classrooms were very different back then. Miss Fabian was a trailblazer. She showed her students that learning could be FUN! That was the year that I first decided I wanted to be a teacher!

  28. Margie Rogers said:

    My favorite teacher ever was Miss Elevick, high school World History back in the 70’s. She was an activist, getting us going with ecology club and other issues, encouraged us to explore the world, had us do a collaborative multimedia project on an era in history waaaaayyyyy before computers made it easier (our was done with slide projectors and tape recorders!), and did her best to make learning exciting for us. She even took care of those kids who might have otherwise fallen through the high school cracks. Her classroom was a safe place for ideas for all of us, and she’s my role model for my own classroom.

  29. Dorene Bates said:

    My favorite teacher was my high school Spanish teacher in Maryland. She spoke Spanish like a native and was so much fun. She was strict, but you really learned a lot from her.

  30. Claudia Bedoya said:

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher. She made sure that we felt secure and comfortable in her class. She always had a moment for kind and encouraging words even when we were no longer in her class.

  31. Teryl Magee said:

    You all really know how to pull out all the stops, don’t you? My favorite teacher, wow! There were so many that I enjoyed, but I’ll have to say I have the fondest memories of Mr. Rauser, my 8th grade language arts teacher. He made learning fun, entertaining, and engaging. And you all know how middle school kids can be! It’s hard to believe he held our attention for more than 5 minutes. Thanks to all of my teachers throughout the years for everything they did for me!

  32. Susan Jinks said:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Hayes. He was my 2nd grade teachers and really inspired me in reading and math.

  33. Judy Williams said:

    If I had to pick just one favorite teacher, it would be my 3rd grade teacher, Miss Pratt. She loved teaching and she was pretty! She made me feel special and picked me to sit in the cardboard school bus we had made for a picture for the newspaper. She encouraged me of being a teacher like her, and after many, many moons of teaching, I am still following that dream because of her inspiration!

    Thanks DEN for supportig all those teachers that inspire their students !

  34. Meg Griffin said:

    One of my favorite teachers, (sorry but I can’t pick just one!) was my college Spanish professor, Dr. Alonso. Dr. Alonso was a refined gentleman from Cuba who taught me so much about the language and the culture.

  35. Cindy Carson said:

    My favorite teacher was 7th grade life science teacher Mrs. Jacobowitz. She had very creative ways to help us remember the content that we were learning. I enjoyed her lectures and assignments. I entered a science fair contest that she encouraged our class to do. My mom’s kitchen was my first scince laboratory! After boiling various fruits and vegetables in water, I bottled up the juice and then dyed small pieces of muslin material. I created an amazing display board and won first place! Mrs. Jacobowitz turned me on to Science!!! I’ll bet Mrs. Jacobowitz would LOVE Discovery Education and the DEN!!!! I should look her up and see if she’s using it.

  36. Robin Talkowski said:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Perry. She was my 3rd grade teacher and treated me as if I was special. She even sent me to her car to put up her car windows when it started to rain. Her windows went up electronically. you did not need to roll them up by hand – that was indeed unique during those years. I never knew her first name. She will forever be Miss Perry to me.

  37. Robin Talkowski said:

    Thanks, Discovery and Partners for the special treats this week. You’re the best!

  38. Tricia Troiano said:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Pratt. She was my fourth grade teacher. I struggled academically in school and this was my only teacher that never gave up on me. She helped me when I struggled, she even tutored me during the summer. She has long since retired and every now and then we exchange emails. She became part of my family and she truly is an example of what a wonderful teacher is, kind, caring and is always there for her students. Thanks Mrs. Pratt!

  39. Mary Beth James said:

    My favorite teacher was actually one of my principals (while I was a teacher!). While she had very high expectations of teachers and students she taught me to rise above. Through her teaching I learned some of the most important lessons about teaching, data, discipline, everything… She applauded my efforts and encouraged me to thrive. I recently made contact with her again to seek professional advice although she’s retired. She will remain the teacher that impacted me the most!

  40. Peggy Perkins said:

    My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher. She made everyone feel special.

  41. Howard Martin said:

    Mr Hebert was at the Jr College. He was scary, different, and awkward acting. Yet, the connections he made to American history were like no other teacher. By the second semester, even students who didn’t like him because of his differences were enthralled by his lectures.

    Even back then, he knew the importance of including media to make a connection to his classroom. He was one of my favorite teachers.

  42. Anne Truger said:

    Thanks for treating us all like Rock Stars this week! Coming from a district where this week is not recognized I doubly appreciate it : )

    My fave teacher was Char Manchen she was my music teacher for 9 years starting in Kindergarten!She was the first teacher to appreciate me for who I was.She didn’t keep trying to change me or tell me I needed to change. She accepted who I was warts and all. She made me feel valued as a human being and helped me to fit in at a school that mostly looked down on me. It was because of her that I survived my elementary school years without going totally crazy. Thanks Mrs Manchen!

    ~Anne T

  43. Susan Gauthier said:

    My favorite teacher was my mom. She never taught me in school but I learned so much from her in the home. It wasn’t until she passed away I learned from her past students that she was a phenomenal educator. She brought the history classroom to life with her different teaching strategies…I can only imagine the amazing lessons that she could have created with today’s technology.

  44. Charlotte Solorio said:

    Mrs. Low really knew each her students; she took time to get-to-know each student!
    She also made the coolest math puzzles, too.
    If technology was around “back in the day” she would have been using it!

  45. Kevin Willson said:

    My favorite teacher was my high school accounting teacher Mr. Nyer. He is the one who noticed that I enjoyed helping other students complete their accounting work, instead of doing my own. When I told him I was going to be an accountant, he was the one who asked if I had thought about becoming a teacher–a business education and technology teacher. Mr. Nyer is the man who opened doors for me.

  46. Patricia A. Hawkenson said:

    My favorite teacher was, and still is, my mother! Happy Mother’s Day Mom! She patiently taught me to sew. I now use those skills to create handmade tapestry handbags. But mostly, I learned patience. That quality has made me a better middle school teacher.

  47. Shannon Wentworth said:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. White, my 7th and 8th grade science teacher at Meyzeek Middle School. He made science so much fun. He put together an astronaut training camp for us. Every year the 8th grade class made a movie that was super cheesy but a lot of fun. Mr. White was a cross between Max Hedrum and Bill Nye.

  48. Eileen Malick said:

    Our network has been down all day, but on my IPhone I wanted to say Ron Revere was my favorite teacher teaching Physics at Wakefield High.
    Things were never boring, because he would propel nerf stuff at us, launch objects across the room, and always kept us on our toes, quite literally at times. I do not think these types of techniques would be acceptable in classrooms today, but it shaped my “crazy lady” way of keeping my students interested.

  49. Brenda Green said:

    My favourite teacher was Mr. Skilliter. He taught English grades 11-13. I really enjoyed being in his class. He taught very cool vocabulary that we called “Skilliter Words.” He challenged us, but you felt proud to be in his class.

  50. Jennifer Jensen said:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Jensen (no relation). She respected students and made learning fun each day.

  51. Vicki Reed said:

    My favorite teacher ever is a tie. Mr. Roberts was not only a superb English teacher who made us think, I used many of his little tricks when I became a classroom teacher. Miss Sarno helped quide me into the field of biology teaching, something I will never regret.

  52. Elaine Plybon - TX LC said:

    My favorite teacher ever was Miss Polly Potter. She was my fourth and fifth grade teacher. She was flamboyant, innovative, and definitely one-of-a-kind. She is the first person who ever told me to “think outside the box”. I’ll never forget the day she set up patio furniture, complete with flowery umbrella in the middle of the room because she “wanted some summer in her classroom”!

  53. Bethany Rayl said:

    I had two favorite teachers. The first was Michael T. Vogl who taught me that students who struggle academically can excel in the area of physical education. Because of his inspiration I became a health and physical education teacher, did research on teaching students to read through physical activity, and was able to have a positive impact on many students throughout my teaching career. The second was Howard Parkhurst who challenged me as an intellectual and allowed me to use my creativity to bring literature alive. In his College Prep English courses we were able to create games, skits, plays, etc. to act out literature. He also wrote original stories using us as characters in order to engage and excite us about learning grammar (no small feat, that!).

  54. Lori Abrahams said:

    My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher who always looked at you when you spoke to her, challenged us to be the best we could be.

  55. Betsy Ruffibn said:

    My favorite teacher was my mother, a retired English teacher, who convinced me one summer to take a second look at Beowulf because she was sure she could make me like it better. I did take a second look and indeed I did like it better the second time around.

  56. Kathy Hobbs said:

    I was inspired by my 7th grade English teacher who required us to write a poem, then illustrate it. The poem we recorded on reel to reel tape, our picture was projected from a slide as our recorded poem was read and music of our choice played in the background. Ancient multimedia!! Loved it!

  57. Gena Price said:

    Thank you DEN for all the wonderful support!

  58. Patti Grammens said:

    My favorite teacher ever was my High School English Teacher – Mr. Longin – he helped me become a much better communicator. He made us work and I appreciated that.

  59. Gena Price said:

    My favorite teacher was my first teacher who had the insite, strength and courage after two months, to tell my mother to take me home and bring me back the following year when I was more mature and ready. I was fortunate enough to have her as my second grade teacher! Thank you Mrs. Spalding!

  60. Karen Bosch said:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Lucas. She made me feel like a real artist and fostered my creative side. I loved her social studies projects and I remember all the books she read to the class.

  61. Deb Thomson said:

    My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher, Sr. Ann Marie. She was loving and fun and quite a change from my 1st grade teacher who scared the life out of me.

    Thank you to Discovery for all that you have done for us this week as well as all year long!

  62. Michael Davis said:

    I’m attending the webinar and it is awesome!! I’ll definately share this with my pre-K and kindergarten teachers.

  63. Michael Davis said:

    My favorite teacher is my current principal(boss) who continues to me something everyday. I strive to be like her one day!

  64. Gail Braddock said:

    Have you ever had a teacher that you kept in touch with? I did. My 5th grade teacher was Mrs. Tatum. We thought she was “Cool” because she played a guitar and sang with us. She had traveled across the United States. Yet her favorite book was about her home town in Arkansas. The book was Cotton in My Sack by Lois Lenski. That author became my childhood favorite and I so wanted to be a teacher like her. I visited her after retirement and it felt like we were just old friends chatting. You see I became a fifth grade teacher and remained one for 145 years. I too enjoyed my students and feel like they are part of my family.

  65. Daniel Burk said:

    My favorite Teacher is Jesus. For reasons known. My favorite Human teacher is my father. Although never a teacher of a classroom he taught me how to be a man, a husband, and a father. Lastly he taught me how to teach others.

  66. Lori Reed said:

    My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher, Mrs. Springer. She so inspired me to read and loved me that I wanted to be like her when I grew up and teach third graders. It took many years, but now I’m that third grade teacher I always wanted to be.

  67. Sarah Johangiry said:

    My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher, Ms. Blair. She always made learning fun and planned plenty of hands on and interactive activities. My favorite part was learning about famous artists and creating our own masterpieces. We cannot forget to include all subject areas when we teach. Our children deserve well rounded curriculum in our classrooms:)

  68. Denise Thomas said:

    My favorite teacher was a third grade teacher. She was the first teacher I had in the United States of America (military brat). It was a tremendous transition. But the transition was made easy by my favorite third grade teacher.

  69. Cindy Adamson said:

    My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Friend. She made everything fun and was never cross. She encouraged us all to be the best second grader we could be.

  70. Maria Knee said:

    My favorite teacher was my seventh grade science teacher, Mr. Scott. He made science interesting and very hands on. He encouraged me to pursue my interests in the geology of Okinawa, which is where I was living at the time. He even joined my family and me on the weekends, when we would explore the island to collect rocks and learn more about Okinawa. Mr. Scott’s influence was long lasting. He inspired me to become involved with my student interests and to go the extra mile to help students learn.


  71. Tracy Selock said:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Englebrecht. She showed me that school was an empowering place where I could decide my path. She was loving and kind, the best teacher ever.

  72. Neene said:

    This product sounds amazing. I will have to check it out.

    When asked to describe my favorite teacher it would have to have been my high school history teacher. I hated History. Wars, conflict, etc. so not my thing. I much prefer the languages, humanities, and computers (which I view as another language). But my high school history teacher was amazing. He has greatly influenced my educational philosophy. He taught us with pneumonics. He taught in song. He taught with love. He taught in a way that challenged us but made it fun. I remember well playing Jeopardy and Hang Man in his class. I realized in college education preparation courses that I model myself on a lot of his ideals. I am forever changed for the better.

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