The DEN Account Manager for Canada has arrived!

karen-g.jpgI am thrilled to announce that today is my first day as the DEN Account Manager for Canada! I couldn’t be happier to be at the Discovery Communications office in Chicago, my hometown.It is really a fabulous office but honestly I can’t wait to get on the road and head to Canada. As much as I love Chicago, Canada has always been a place where I have felt at home. I have traveled through most of Canada, from Newfoundland to Vancouver and in between, and it is such a beautiful country.A bit about me:  I love camping, Greenland Sea Kayaking, and overall outdoor sports. I am an Early Childhood Educator and have worked in several informal education settings. I have recently been on the Professional Development team for Discovery.So now that you know a little bit about me, I can’t wait to meet all of you.  Keep checking the blog for event postings and other goodies soon!Karen Goldman



  1. Rod Murray said:

    Congratulations on your appointment!
    As a loyal Discovery Ed subscriber (and occasional critic!), and also a Wilkes IM student, I am hoping that the Canadian content will continue to receive the attention it deserves. When I annually try to convince my admin that Discovery is a good investment, I have to justify it over the criticisms about Canadian content. Looking forward to the improvements you will bring to the brand.

  2. Mike Bryant said:

    Hi Karen!! I think we’re neighbors. I’ll be in the office tomorrow and congratulations.

  3. Betsy Whalen said:

    Rod: Thanks for the great feedback — we’ve actually been working diligently in recent months to add a lot of new canadian content to the site and there is a lot of new stuff that you should check out! We’ve recently added a significant number of videos on Canadian topics, and by Canadian producers (Distribution Access, TV Ontario, McNabb Connelly, and other Canadian producers are now available).

    In addition, we’ve recently launched Canadian Theme Pages that provide bundled content on topics specific to Canadian studies (to see theme pages, do a search by content type and select Theme Pages)

    Also, I’m very excited that we just launched the new Canadian Interactive Atlas – check it out in the Teacher Center.

    We would love to hear more from you on specific content that you would like to see added to the site — our Licensing team is always looking for new suggestions, so please feel free to send a list to me and we’ll see what we can do!

    Thanks again for the feedback – it’s very helpful, so keep it coming.


    Betsy Whalen
    Director, Discovery Education Canada

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