Reach out with your Virtual Voice: Tweet, Blog, Wiki, & Status Post for Education!

 These are busy weeks for educators:  Closing out the school year, finishing final reports, action research, wondering what it is going to be like next year???… We may be feeling a little weary, but our voices can still be heard.  Please lend yours to the National effort today and consider using your networks for the benefit of Arizona schools this week.  Just the other day a friend of mine from Phoenix asked me about Proposition 100 because, as someone without children and not involved in the school or public safety systems, she knew nothing about it.  We had a good conversation and we are both glad she got it clarified.

Though we may not have time to have all the one-on-one face-to-face conversations we would hope in our effort to spread the positive word on improving and sustaining education, with our social networks and technology-powered communication tools, we still have the power to reach many with a personal touch.

Please consider using your virtual reach to make some connections this week and remind them to vote and vote YES!

In Closing: This is a format for discussions and if you disagree with Proposition 100, please begin the conversations and I would like to hear your voice.



On May 12, join Ed Tech advocates across the country for a day of tweeting and blogging to support funding for education technology. Our letters have had a significant impact with policymakers, now we’ll harness social media to advance the cause of education technology funding. On Tuesday, May 11 we will share with you a number of sample messages that you can tweet throughout the day. Please share this alert with your colleagues and neighbors to encourage them to tweet and blog on May 12 too.

As you know, funding for classroom technology is in jeopardy; our twitter effort will urge Congress to fund the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program at $500 million for FY 2011. President Obama provided no funding for the program in his budget, but Congress does not have to agree with this recommendation. Click here for more information about EETT.

Let’s make sure that Congress hears our tweets that classroom technology is critical for our children’s future!

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