Voice Thread in Action

It was not until we were in our Poetry Unit that I saw an obvious use of Voice Thread with my 1st and 2nd graders. I have been unsure how it could be useful with young students as I have.

But, with the students showing excitement with writing poetry I presented Voice Thread to them. Then their excitement increased ten fold. They have always like sharing their work with the school by hanging their published work in the hallway.

With Voice Thread they now can “hang” their published work in the world’s hallway.

Take a gander to what they did.


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  1. Cheryl Lykowski said:

    Awesome job Eric! My 2nd graders did a VT for Earth Day based on their paperless school day. It’s great to see kids who don’t usually express themselves well, do it with this tool.

  2. Patti Harju said:

    Great use of Voicethread! I will share this idea with the teachers at my school.
    It is a really nice way to showcase the children’s poetry and listen to them read it.

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