Taking Posession

OK, I got it. The WiFi iPad.

I went WiFi because no school’s gonna get 3G, with those pesky phone charges. Well, ok, maybe a wealthy town or two, but just for staff!


And so begins my journey on the iPath to true enlightenment.

Ironies abound, at least for now!

It’s packed in a pretty thick box for such a thin device. No doubt to underscore the thin-ness, or maybe provide the crush space needed in case of fumble-fingers!

The iPad itself is surprisingly weighty for so thin a device, but again, looking for the positive, I read this as VALUE (it’s not flimsy) and hey, that’s 12 hours of battery life you’re holding in your hand.

That enough for the class and some for you.


The only other things in the box are a sync cable, a charger, and a little card. The card shows how to use it:

  • 4 buttons: Power, Volume, Home, and Screen Rotation off
  • 3 steps: Download, Connect, and Register

That’s it! The entire instruction manual.


The iPad comes wrapped in plastic. I’m leaving it that way until I can afford Accessories, and buy Windex stock.

Here’s a few I have my eye on:

  • a black silicone case – $40.00
  • iWork for typing, presenting, and spreadsheets – $30.00
  • a real keyboard – $70.00
  • USB and camera connectors – $30.00


Turning it on is a little tricky (I’m nervous, and you’re watching, where is on – oh, press the little button on the top, great!). It helps to read the card!

After connecting it to my laptop I watched it go to iTunes to register and connect to my wallet (the iTunes Store).

Sync happens and all your songs, apps, photos, even movies are shuttled to the iPad.

It transferred my 830 songs in about 7 minutes.

Star Trek took 39 seconds.



Next journey, Discovery Education!

I signed-in (where’s the Tab key – oh, Next button, now it says Previous, they re-thought everything!)

I searched for Red Badge of Courage, (ok, where’s Enter – oh, Go, great!).

Wow! Streams well, better than my laptop. Streaming’s a little grainy, wish I could shrink the screen to improve resolution (-oh, Portrait, great!)


And to return to the DE library you just (ok, how do you go back to the other video snippets – oh, a Pages Viewed button, great!)


And now for a little reading, suddenly very hip with ebooks that blur the lines between text and video (ok, which reader – oh, they’re all free, great). Let’s see: iBooks app (Apple), Kindle app (Amazon), eReader app (Barnes& Noble), and soon the Kobo app (Borders).

And don’t forget the classics (also free) at Project Gutenberg.org, and Gutenberg Australia (even more), and Lit2Go …


Kids are gonna love this. What a cool center for the classroom, anytime, all day!

Looks like I’ve got some browsing to do.


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  1. Deb Thomson said:

    I, too, love my iPad. I am hoping there will be sessions at ISTE on more ways to use them in the classroom so I can talk my school into getting some.

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