"Two Birds with One Stone" – Peggy Sheehy, The New York Times, and DEN

Peggy Sheehy ... DELIVERSImage by kjarrett via Flickr

Wait?  Does that saying work?  Regardless, I figured those three ‘ingredients’ would make a great post.

For those who don’t know Peggy Sheehy (aka Maggie Marat in SL) just click here (but make sure to click on the ‘About Me’ link – for some reason I can’t seem to grab a direct url).  And while you’re reading up on all the amazing things Peggy/Maggie is doing with students and Second Life ™, check out the recent New York Times article.  And when you’re done reading that, head on over here to sign up for the DEN’s EdTechConnect on May 19th featuring Peggy/Maggie.

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