Picture Perfect

Have you ever wanted to quickly upload your pictures and get them into a slideshow?  Here are a few websites to do just that. You will have your slideshow done in a matter of minutes.

Slide Roll– upload your images, add various transitions and text, copy the code and embed your slide show on any blog, wiki, or your own website

Photo Peach-upload photos, pick music and add captions in the show; embed in your blog or website; you can create quizzes on your slideshow as well

Image Loop-you can store your images on this site and also create slide shows of a powerpoint presentation as well; you can upload images from your computer or other sites such as Facebook or Flickr

Prezi– create slideshows or unique presentations with this tool; you can store this on the site and create links to other sites from the presentation

Webslides– a very unique way of turning bookmarks and feeds into an interactive slideshow

Smilebox-create slideshows, scrapbooks, ecards and albums using the many designs they have and music

Empressr– add photos, music, video and audio and you can share it publicly and privately


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