Please welcome Lily and Connor!

Hey DEN! It’s Lily and Connor– Discovery Education’s first high school interns! We’re seniors at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia and are currently in our first week of Senior Seminar. Basically, we’re having our first taste of the real world. For three weeks we’ll be interning at DE’s headquarters in Silver Spring, in hopes of giving DE another student voice. While most of our friends have the typical “coffee runs and paper filing” jobs, we landed an internship with our own desks, emails, and even phone extensions. Now we’re hard at work with our first project, giving y’all our perspective of what’s really going on behind the scenes. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be posting blogs introducing staff members for you to get to know.

First, let us introduce ourselves:

Lily – Originally from NYC, I opened myself up to a new world by attending Episcopal, a prominently southern school. At first, I experienced some culture shock, but since then I’ve accumulated about ten new parents and a habit of saying y’all (even though it still doesn’t sound natural to me). My favorite class is French, I love organization, and I’ll never pass up the opportunity to travel.

Connor – Born and raised as a Carolina girl, I’ve lived in Charlotte my whole life and followed in my dad’s footsteps by heading to Episcopal. Ironically, or maybe not so, I’d never been above the Mason Dixon line until I became friends with Lily. I love tradition, this summer will be my eighth year at camp, and as nerdy as it may be, I find comfort in math.

Obviously, we’re both familiar with Discovery Channel, but we’ve never used DE’s programs. We’re embarrassed to say we’ve only used simple technology, such as PowerPoint, so when it comes to Animoto, we’re inexperienced. While interning, we’ll have the opportunity to explore programs that DE promotes for learning.

It’s our third day at what we now call work, and everything is pretty surreal. Not only did we get a chance to raid the supply closet and deck ourselves out with Discovery gear, but we’re excited about serving as a liaison between DE and its students and teachers around the world. While y’all sit in classrooms across the country, we’re sitting in the place that makes digital magic for you to use. We’re here to try and help give insight to you readers about the inner-workings and creative minds behind the DE curtains. So check out our blog next week on our first staff member!


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  1. Erin Misegadis said:

    What a fantastic opportunity for both Discovery and you girls. I sure it will be a fun and enriching learning experience for all!

  2. Jannita Demian said:

    Lily and Connor-
    Welcome to the DE Family! We are thrilled to have this opportunity to gain a new and unique perspective of what Discovery Education does! Can’t wait to meet you in person!

  3. Katie Warren (TechyNana) said:

    Welcome to what you (and we) already discovered, the “magic” of DE. You are going to love your internship and everything you learn and share about DE. Here’s hoping to meet you in person – perhaps at ISTE in Denver or the LC Symposium in Boston this summer?

  4. Sarah Johangiry said:

    Hi Lily and Connor!

    Congrats on joining the DE team! I look forward to reading your posts! Have a great time and enjoy learning from the best!


  5. Teryl Magee said:

    Hi, Lily and Connor!

    So great to have you on board the DE Team. I found the DEN several years ago and that was my jumping off point into the, need I say it, geek-love fest of technology! Now, I don’t know what I’d do without the great network of teachers that are part of this organization.

    You’ll love diving into DE Streaming. I absolutely love every aspect of it. A couple of my fave Web 2.0 tools to use with DE are Voicethread and Glogster. Get someone to give you a tour of those if you get a chance. And if you need someone out of the “office” to give you a tutorial chat with my on Skype.

    Looking forward to your continued post!


  6. Lee Kolbert said:

    Welcome! There’s no turning back now… you’ll never be the same! Prepare for a whole new world. Enjoy!

  7. Bev Matheson said:

    Hi ya Lily and Connor,
    What a GREAT opportunity to work with some amazing people!! If anyone does it right, it’s the Discovery Education Team!! You are guaranteed to learn more than you ever thought imaginable. So put on your seatbelt and hold on tight, because your adventure is just beginning!!
    Cheers 🙂

  8. Kathleen Burgess said:

    What an exciting time for both if you. Enjoy your internship and learn all you can. Maybe someday you will take over the jobs of Mr. Dembo and Mr. Rougeux. Aim for the stars.

    Have a great summer

  9. Cindy Lane said:

    Hi Y’all,
    You both sound perfect to intern with Discovery! It’s going to fly by, so take copious notes and blog, blog, blog! Looking forward to reading all about your great time discovering the ways of the high school interns! Again, welcome, it is going to be a fun time for you!

  10. Clare Devine said:

    Connor and Lily,
    What a fantastic job. I am jealous. There weren’t any positions like this around when I was in high school. It was a long time ago.

    When you pull back the curtain, please share what you know. I am new to DE myself. AND I adore it. The people! The ideas! The E-N-E-R-G-Y!

    Enjoy and learn, (me too)


  11. Genny Kahlweiss said:

    Lily and Connor
    This greeting is coming to you from southern California. What a great opportunity for you to work at headquarters. I am looking forward to your posts on the blog. You are both going to be agents of change when you return to school. Enjoy every minute and take lots of pictures, can’t wait to see your first Animoto show. You Go GIRLS!!

  12. Mauri said:

    HI Lilly and Connor

    Enjoy the time at DE headquarters. Take lots of notes and learn as much as you can, then blog away for all of us to read. Have a “wicked” good time! (wicked is a Maine term!)

  13. Bobbi Gurney said:

    Welcome! The DEN Rocks! What an awesome opportunity you have to intern with Discovery at their headquarters! I learned so much in a week there at our National Institute a couple years ago. Just imagine how much you will learn in the time you have! I can’t wait to read your blog posts! Have a great time and Enjoy the journey!

  14. Rosy Escandon said:

    Welcome Lily and Connor!

    What an amazing opportunity for the two of you, it’s great to hear how motivated the two of you are in taking this internship by the horns. Sounds like you’ll be able to provide DE lots of great feedback. I’m looking forward to reading your blog and hearing of your great adventures around DE Headquarters.

    Enjoy your time at Discovery!


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