Virtual Field Trips, A Shining STAR, and THE Journal

Have you seen the May edition of the THE Journal? It includes a great article on DEN GURU, Traci Blazosky and how she uses Discovery Education to create virtual field trips. Traci and her first graders take three virtual field trips each semester with DEstreaming and web 2.0 tools like Glogster EDU. Go check out the article. You too can take your children to see the world all from the comfort and safety of your classroom!


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  1. Emily Mann said:

    You have done an admirable job showing the education community how technology can be weaved into learning and bringing positive attention to the DEN. I love how you use .kmzs to organize the learning experience and tie together so many online tools that make the field trip even more memorable and engaging.
    I am sure you have inspired many leery primary teachers and made them curious.
    Excellent work!

  2. Vasantha Rayman said:

    Way to go Traci-keep shining…

  3. Jackie Shanti said:

    I love the idea of having the kids sit in their ‘seats’ on the virtual airplane. I will try that for sure. You did a wonderful job. Thank you.

  4. Deb Thomson said:

    So cool, Traci. I can’t wait to share this with my teachers.

  5. Rosie Parmigiani said:

    Go for it Traci..what a gem we have in her!! Hooray!!!!

  6. Camille Blair said:

    In my last class I created a field trip assignment and I have to say it was awesome!
    I shared it with a few colleagues and they are already using it.
    Thanks and great job!

  7. Kristi Reichard said:

    Great article! Virtual field trips are awesome!

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