Has technology killed critical thinking?

“Has technology contributed to the loss of critical thinking skills?” is the question.  Alan November, acclaimed education technology guru and Massachusetts native, raised this issue in his video, “Myths and Opportunities:  Technology in the Classroom.”  I love the opportunity to pause and think about these issues.  How do teachers and students truly use technology?  For what purposes?  Does it promote critical thinking or just speed up the process of gathering information?  It also reminds me about how few opportunities we have in school to really think about and discuss the bigger and most important issues of education.  Enjoy Alan November’s video and some time for reflection.  Then turn your reflection into an essay pro or con and submit it to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) for possible inclusion in their Point/Counterpoint feature in their Learning and Leading with Technology magazine.  Don’t delay.  The deadline is May 19.

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