May Daze

Here are a few things your students could get involved in to keep the energy up through the end of the school year.

ysc2009.jpg11 days left for Jr. Hi students to enter the Discovery/3M Young Scientist Challenge. Our past winners have some solid advice for putting together an entry video (or any video for that matter) and there are even resources for teachers to use any time.

ismflogo.jpg15 days left to enter the International Student Media Festival that celebrates student work in a wide variety of media from photographs to websites to video. There are 5 categories, K-16, and this year’s festival happening will be in Anaheim, CA.

8 weeks or so are left in the Kavli Science Video Contest for K-12 students to tell the world why they think science is cool. According to the press release I got:
“The Kavli Foundation is sponsoring the Kavli Science Video Contest. Kavli prizes for outstanding scientific achievement are well known in the scientific community.  The competition is structured to offer unlimited opportunities for teachers to mine their curriculum concepts more deeply while engaging their students to explore science and engineering topics from a personalized standpoint. We are challenging students to use their love of science to inspire everyone. The winning videos will be broadcast on a large screen at the festival, as well as other venues including potential media partners and websites.  Cash prizes will support science education at your school, and electronics certificates will be awarded to the students. The Kavli video contest offers a great way to hone skills in digital story telling, electronic journalism, and media production, while broadening students’ understanding of science, and inspiring an appreciation for science through the art of communication. “


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