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Do you have trouble coping and pasting long URLs in emails only to have them break or realize there is a typo, after you sent the URL?

By entering a URL in a text field, a tiny URL will  be created and to some extent it can be customized.  Most of the URLs created will last forever or until two years after the last time it is used. Features vary depending on the service.  Try one of the websites below.


If you have used any of the above please share what you like about the service.
If you use another service, please share it’s link and tell us why you like that service.

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  1. Deb Thomson said:

    I have only used tinyurl. I like it because I can personalize it with a name that is meaningful to the site, thus easier to remember.

  2. Rosy Escandon said:

    I like moourl, I think the little cow is cute:) More importantly though, once it gives the shortened url, it doesn’t have lots of distracting text like tiny url. I do recommend that you always test your links from any service as I have had some go to other places than where I intended. One of them linked to a dating service, good think I tested prior to sending the document out.

  3. Neil Manzenberger said:

    I have been using the tinyurl site for almost a year and a half and I love it. It has cut down the time and typing mistakes that eat into valuable training time. I can’t say enough good things about it. Also, I agree with Deb in that you can personalize the name that is easy to remember.

  4. Laura Sheehy said:

    I like You can create an account and track usage of the shortened url and customize links as well.

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