Feeling Weebly

I’d love to say that I have more information about Shepherd High School’s use of Facebook in the classroom, but we really haven’t done much more with it. Maybe it truly is just a social media in which students prefer to focus on their social lives? Perhaps we won’t venture into their social circle with our curricular demands?

The only murmurs I have heard about Facebook recently are from students asking if they may log in to their accounts long enough to access pictures for their online portfolios. Our seniors are using http://www.weebly.com as a platform to store their electronic portfolios. They are using pictures from their Facebook accounts as documentation that they have met the Shepherd High School Student Exit Outcomes.

I attended a workshop on 21 Things for 21st Century Educators this past week, and one of the “things” discussed was Weebly.  I quickly made a very basic website to talk about “Taking Media Curriculum to the Web.” You can view it at http://onlinemediacurriculum.weebly.com. It is very basic because I was just playing with the tool, but it gives you an idea of what can be accomplished in about 30 minutes with this powerful tool.


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  1. Rebekka Stasny said:

    Thanks for sharing. I am interested in checking out Weebly and see if I can incorporate it into my classroom.

  2. Hackley said:

    I have used a wiki for the last few years to post links and upload documents for my kids to view. Have you had any experiences with a wiki and if so do you have a preference over setting a weebly versus a wiki for student access?

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