Kids like Cartoons, right?

I am the Instructional Technology Specialist for the school district in which I teach. Each summer I offer technology classes for the teachers.  In these classes, they can learn new ways to integrate technology in the classroom and gain PLU’s.

However, this year instead of sending out the class schedule via email in a WORD Document, I wanted to get a little more creative and come up with a new way to share the summer class schedule using a web 2.0 tool.

GoAnimate has been around for a while, but after running across a very creative teacher’s GoAnimateProject, it inspired me to create one as well. By doing this, I have already received several emails from teachers wanting to know how the site works and ways they could integrate it in their classroom! WHAM-even without talking about the site or teaching them how to use the site, GoAnimate has SPARKED interest! Check it out, I hope it will give you ideas on how to use it in your classroom! Here is the project I created for the introduction of summer technology classes.

There are several ways you can use GoAnimate in the classroom:

  1. Introduction of a new topic
  2. Review the topic at the end of the unit
  3. Explain steps to solve a problem
  4. Class Rules

These of course are just a few ideas, but the ideas could truly be endless. Better yet, have your students use GoAnimate to “teach” the class. The best way for students to learn is for them to become the teacher!


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  1. Deb Thomson said:

    That is just too cute! What a great way to snag interest in your classes.

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