End of the Year Activities

It’s hard to believe, but the 2009-2010 school year is wrapping up for most of us. While we are juggling end of year activities, report cards, testing and much more, it is important that we keep our students engaged and focused. Here are some great ideas and resources for making your last weeks of school especially meaningful.

  • Deven Black shared this great activity on Twitter the other day, and I love it! Create a fake Facebook page for a fictional or historical character. Who would their friends be? What would likes and dislikes include? What about recent status updates? Find an easy to use template HERE.
  • As a 4th grade teacher, each year I have my students write out a set of instructions for the current 3rd graders who might end up in my class. They include ten tips for success and things to remember. Students usually include things that are serious and those that are quite funny. Beware. You will learn things about yourself that you might not have known. One year, my students included “If she isn’t carrying her morning coffee, watch out!”
  • Have your students develop Summer Safety Public Service Announcements for their peers. Students could create a podcast, short video, brochure or poster to share tips on things like sun and water safety.
  • Allow your students some research freedom and create A to Z projects on a (reasonable) topic of their choice. Presentations could be multi-media or traditional paper and pencil.
  • Start looking at next year’s curriculum. What “insider” information can you offer your students to help them prepare thoroughly for next year? Can you give them a mini-unit on a science concept? Can you teach them a special math trick? Kids of all ages feel great about knowing something they “aren’t supposed to know yet!”
  • Using screen capture software like Jing or SMART Notebook, have students create concept review tutorials, like how to find the area of a triangle or how to do long division, to share with students next year.
  • Allow older students to create mp3 recordings of picture books or other short books for K-2 teachers to use with their students.
  • How do you spend the last days of school? Share an idea here!

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