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On Thursday, May 13th, 2010, about 150 students in my school (Manalapan High School) joined thousands of other teachers & students around the country (and Mexico!) online for the Siemens STEM Academy webinar “The Science of Future Food” presented by the hosts of Planet Green‘s Future Food, Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche.

We had a blast learning about sustainable eating habits and green-cooking methods.  We even got the chance to participate in a live, interactive experiment by making “Fizzy Grapes”- a fun and HEALTHY snack.  I loved them so much I even used the activity for my son’s birthday party last weekend.  Here’s an explanation for how to make carbonated fruit using dry ice.  We used balloons and our own, personal carbon dioxide- our breath!

You can access the archived recording in the Classroom Connections box to watch at your convenience or share with any classes that were not able to attend.

There you will also find the lesson plan that helps tie in the content of the webinar to classroom learning.

Don’t miss the next Siemens STEM Academy webinar!

Visit the Siemens STEM Academy webinar page to register for the next professional development webinar, “Authentic Intellectual Work,” hosted by Mike Bryant on Thursday, June 17th, at 7pm ET.  Register today!

Have you visited the STEM Academy site today?

Visit the Siemens STEM Academy site often to take advantage of all of the resources available, including blogs, useful links, and information on professional development programs that support and bolster STEM education in your classroom.




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