Discovery Education Sneak Peek – Come see what’s new within Discovery Education streaming

As you know throughout the year we collect your Discovery Education suggestions and comments.  Then, every summer, we take your suggestions and launch enhancements to the site.  Well this summer is no different and I am really excited in the direction that we are moving!  For example, the Assignment Builder, Writing Prompt Builder, and Quiz Builder have been restructured into three easy steps – more on that if you attend the webinars below.

Along those lines we are offering a series of webinars that will be highlighting not only the new back-to-school material, but also the enhancements that already live within DE streaming today – like the Planet Earth series now available in the DE streaming basic.

This series will be offered twice a day every Tuesday and Thursday and will run through the end of June.  The first two webinars are today!  Click on the registration link to choose any of these webinars.  Please share with your colleagues, staff, and member teachers.

We look forward to seeing you on one or more of these webinars and thank you again for continuing to make our site better every day!


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