Wisconsin DEN Geocaching Day

Due to some scheduling issues, the Wisconsin DEN held a geocaching day a week before the National DEN Geocaching Day.  The day was a success. We were a small group of five, two couples and one leader. We had a challenging start to the day as we were all learning to use the GPS units that the participants brought. But after some practice everyone was able to find a few real geocaches in and around the park. One participant had even come prepared and had loaded the Geocaching App for her iPhone. They were able to find several Geocaches that afternoon. Each couple recieved an awesome DEN 2010 Geocaching coin trackable item. The DEN also provided delicious Carol’s cookies for all participants. Everyone enjoyed the day. Learning a new hobby was fun for everyone. Thanks DEN for this great opportunity.


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  1. Betsy DeBiase said:

    Your Geocaching article caught my eye and then of course I strayed to presentation. Have to put some time aside to properly see it and process.

    Enjoyed your comments on your experience on Wisconsin DEN GeoCaching Day.

    Thanks from Illinois.

  2. Susan Tompkins (mrstmath) said:

    Thanks for the encouragement. LA will also have a small group today so we are encouraged by your post.

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