Meet Our Self-Proclaimed Nerd!

Hi DEN – We’re back and ready to introduce you to our first staff member! First, we thought we’d catch you up on what we’ve been doing at DE. One cool thing we experienced first hand was an internal presentation about a new channel launch, the Hub. The presentation was amazing because we got to see the inner workings of creating and marketing a new channel. Watch the launch on 10/10/10! Besides that, we’ve been busy at our desks staying on top of our projects.

Now, here’s our first face behind the curtain – Courtney McGee!

Born: Concord, MI
College: Oberlin
Major: English, Religion; Minor: History
Pet Peeve: Pretentious People
Loves: Post-It Notes
Dreams of Going: to Iceland
Previous Career Aspiration: Theology Professor

What is Courtney’s role at DE? She calls her role “cherry picker,” because she reviews, delivers, develops, and maintains content for DE’s Digital Media. She leads a team of four members and claims that they are nothing less than “rock stars.” Courtney loves her position because it allows her to use both sides of her personality –brainy and creative.

So, how did this small town girl with dreams of becoming a theology teacher end up at DE? Two high school teachers – Mr. Couling and Mr. Hood. Courtney recalls that they were the ones who ultimately set her in the direction towards Discovery. They taught a visual imaging technology class where they built websites, formulated news stories, and produced videos – “integrating the right and left brain.”

Even though she was only exposed to technology through one visual imaging class in high school, Courtney wishes she had more access to video in school as she says “it would have definitely transformed classes that [she] found to be the least engaging.” We bet Courtney wishes she could have been in your classrooms!

Courtney even gave us a sneak peak on the Curiosity Project which will kick off next year. The project is a series asking the big questions (like the philosophers did) and sharing with classrooms across the country. Courtney and her team will be overseeing most of the project and writing teacher guides.

Lastly, Courtney wants to shout out, “Thank you for allowing me to get paid to be a nerd. And DE is always open to suggestions for new content, so speak up and let us know what you think!”

We hope y’all enjoyed getting to know Courtney. That’s all for this week, but we’ll be back again next week, so be sure to check in! And thanks for all your comments, keep them coming!

Connor and Lily


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