Too Much Searching! Not Enough Finding!

How often do you  search for specific information online and spend so much time searching for the right link?  Or even worse so many search engines overload the window with images, links, icons, and advertising before you even get a chance to view the links to sites found in your search.

yolink To The Rescue

Thanks to yolink, it doesn’t matter if the information you need is on page 2 or page 102, or if it’s behind the 1st or 100th link. What matters is that you find it and find it fast. yolink quickly scans search results, e-books, online documents, and web sites using key words, quotes, and word relationships to find what you are looking for. What would probably take you hours now takes yolink only seconds.

If you are currently using yolink let us know what you think of it.  If you are not, check it and share how you like it.


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  1. Neil Manzenberger said:

    I saw yolink used at the MEC conference in Tempe, AZ back in March and I must say I was impressed. I haven’t had the time to really “play” with the site, but what I saw demonstrated was great.

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