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  1. Brian Woodruff said:

    This video is a great look into what learning is like today. It’s an amusing look at the way the internet allows us to immediately find more informational resources.

  2. Brian said:

    I love this video! Its really shows the clash of learning styles. Technology dependent kids confronted by non-technological learning. Yet, it also addresses a relevant issue – kids don’t really know what to to with books. And books that don’t mesh with the way students learn today.

  3. Diane Aldridge said:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video and find it very applicable. I have recently been writing about and discussing the fact that I believe textbooks will soon be a thing of the past. Students are so accustomed to using the internet and computers to find information. The internet and web 2.0 tools allow students to dig deeper and deeper – as the students commented upon – by simply clicking or double clicking various words or links. I like that this video brought up the issue of the value of textbooks and how foreign they can be to students in a simple and humorous manner.

  4. Deborah Thonus said:

    This humorous video speaks to the static and closed-ended nature of printed text. Once a book is published, the information it contains is impossible to update until the next printing of the book. Research and information is always growing and changing. Our students need access to the most current data available on the topics they are researching. Joe brings up a great point about how digital text on the Web can be hyperlinked to related articles and sites for other viewpoints and more information. Joe’s video was a stark and funny illustration of the problems we face trying to use tools designed for the last century.

  5. Jackie said:

    I wonder about things like this. They say that people retain more information when they read something out of a book rather than off the web, but I wonder how much of that is due to biological retainment mechanisms and how much of that is based off people who didn’t grow up studying off of computers. I know that now, as a college student, I’d still prefer to read textbooks and such off of a real page (versus a web page), but I wonder if that will change with time, if we’ll learn how to develop the formats and practice reading from the computer screen so intensively that situations like this will become a real concern for youth. …But perhaps it won’t be, because all textbooks really will be online. Man, if the servers ever go down then, we’re REALLY in trouble…

  6. JEricho the call guy said:

    this video give as a message on how far internet can go when it comes to learning. But I still prefer text books and use the library. Jackie has a point and that’s a big trouble:)

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