DEN Geocaching in Wichita

Thanks to the DEN and great weather, we had almost 90 people join us at Pawnee Prairie Nature Center for the Wichita Geocaching event sponsored by Discovery Education. The feedback was incredibly positive. Here are just a few samples:
“Thank you so much for our fun-filled morning on Saturday and for the delicious lunch! We have geocached one other time in Indiana and we are having such a great time with our sons.”

“Thanks so much for arranging the Geocaching event! It was a great time!”


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  1. Marcia Kennedy said:

    This was the best fun! I had not geocached before. This is like a scavenger hunt that connects many people. Thanks for the fun!

  2. Marcia Kennedy said:

    This was the best fun! Thanks for making the day a great adventure.

  3. Erin Misegadis said:

    Marcia – I am so glad you came and learned with us. Look forward to seeing you at more DEN events in the future!

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