Explore the Blue: Student-centered webinar on June 4

explore the blueThe Explore the Blue campaign promotes youth participation in on-the-water activities and aquatic conservation efforts.  

Join us on Friday, June 4 at 1 PM ET for a special webinar where we’ll show your students how to build a Terra Aqua Column using recycled materials.  We’ll illustrate the connections between the mini-ecosystem they create and the world they see around them.

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And just in time for summer, you can find hands on, outdoor activities that encourage families to spend time together, exploring all that nature has to offer.  Activities include:

  • Boating Journal – How many type of boats can you name?  Compile a checklist, plan an outing to observe as many as you can and discuss how each is powered.
  • Building Boats – Create model boats using different materials, then test them on the water for a fun activity that will teach basics of buoyancy, water displacement, surface area and boat design.
  • Exploring Ecosystems – Research the ecosystem of a local body of water, then visit it to compare your research with you find there and create your very own field guide!
  • Making Maps – Create a map of your excursion area and travel where you go and what you see along the way to compare different habitats within an ecosystem.
  • Observational Journal – Start a journal about a nearby water system, complete with photos, descriptions of the plant and animal life, weather conditions and other observations.

Enjoy the outdoors with your family this summer!


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  1. Meg Griffin said:

    would love to do some of these student webinars – however 1:00 is our lunch/recess time. Perhaps you can rotate the times between 11, 12 and 1:00.

  2. Peggy said:

    This looks really good. We will be out of school on that day. Too bad we will miss it.

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