DENny Awards 2010!

On Tuesday, May 25th, Steve Dembo and some of the esteemed DEN crew presented the 2nd Annual DENny Awards in a red carpet webinar attended by thousands and thousands of excited fans of the DEN!  OK, maybe not thousands and thousands, but they were excited!

You can see some of the awards listed in the slide show below.  The TN Leadership Council won an award for our Apple iDEN Event on both Knoxville and Memphis!  We continue to push the limits and raise the bar.  Some of our plans for the fall’s return to school will be no less stellar!

And a special congratulations to our own DEN LC Events Team member, Tina Moore, from Ocoee Middle School in Cleveland, TN, for winning the Anytime, Anywhere Community Award.  Tina was nominated and won for her untiring efforts to travel anywhere she’s needed, do whatever job must be done, and continue to smile through it all.

Congratulations to all DENny Award Winners!

DENny Awards 2010

View more presentations from TN DEN LC.


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