DENny 2010 Award Winners!

DENny Award Leadership Council BlogCT Blog Award

Tuesday evening the Discovery Educator Network held its second annual DENny awards to recognize outstanding contributions to the DEN.  The Connecticut DEN Leadership Council received an award for having one of the most outstanding blogs. We would like to thank all of our Connecticut Discovery Educators and fellow DEN STARS across the country for recognizing the efforts of the Connecticut Leadership Council bloggers.  Lynn Reedy set up and organized the schedule for the blog.  Barbara Haeffner, Steve Sokolowski, Jane Cook, Howard Gunther, Gary Webster, Pam Skelly, Lynn Reedy and Joe Fromme all make regular contributions.

DENny Leadership AwardLeadership Award

Joe Fromme (yes, that’s me!) was also presented with a Leadership Award for his work in helping to get the CT leadership council up and running.  This really should be given to all of the members of the CT LC.  They are truly a wonderful group of people to work with.  Their willingness and enthusiasm have made this first year of our leadership council a very rewarding experience.  I am really looking forward to continuing our great work next year.


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  1. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Congratulations to you Joe and to the whole council. I love your blog and have gleaned much useful information from it. I am spreading the news at my school and hope to get many of my faculty following you folks.

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