Spotlight on the Gulf Spill with Philippe Cousteau

f08494e0-f.jpgSpotlight on the Gulf Spill,How it Affects Us Now and in the Future.Questions, Answers and More Uncertainty.Wednesday, June 2, 20101:00PM ETJoin Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau and Discovery Education Chief Spokesperson for Environmental Education, as he takes you and your students to the Gulf through pictures and stories from his recent trip to evaluate the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill.He will discuss the effects on regional wildlife and ecosystems as well as focus on how the oil spill will affect us now and into the future.Register now!


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  1. Jason Neuman said:

    I am going to try my best to attend this webinar because I am currently doing a PBL project on this topic and because I live in Florida on the Gulf Coast and this topic is very important to me. I am sure like the other Discovery Education webinars this one will be great as well!

  2. Letizia said:

    I am having a bit of trouble registering for this webinar. Can you please help?

  3. Wendy said:

    Just got my email about this event an hour ago & it says the event is already full! So wanted to provide coverage of this event for my students in AL. Please let me know if this webinar will be archived 🙁

  4. Diane Fisher said:

    Your webinar was very informative. My 7th graders learned about the damage that oil can do on the land and in the sea. The visuals and video gave us a better perspective on what’s happening.

  5. Linda Ann Marrero said:

    We enjoyed watching and I feel that we all learned a lot. My students had questions and I was able to provide them with answers and those we need more info on we shall find together.
    Truly interesting and a great way to learn.

  6. beth elmore said:

    Great webinar this afternoon! Students were very attentive and great discussion afterwards about the effects of the Gulf Spill here in the foothills of NC and want we can do! Keep up the goo work DE! You are an awesome resource for our students!

  7. Denise Scribner said:

    will any of what was presented today in the live webnair be available for download to view again at a later date?

  8. Lesley Ferguson said:

    We would like to watch the recorded version but are having trouble accessing it.

  9. Jeff said:

    I am looking for the archived version of this presentation???

  10. Christine said:

    When will we be able to view the recording of the Webinar?

  11. cg said:

    When will the recorded webinar be available?

  12. Kathleen said:

    Is there a way to get to the recorded webinar for the Gulf Coast event?

  13. Kathleen said:


    I am also doing a pbl on the oil spill in the Gulf. Would you be wiling to share ideas?


  14. Pedro Rivera said:

    I recieved an email which said that if I was not able to see this webinar live that it would be recorded and posted on this website. I am having trouble finding the link to this webinar.
    I am a teacher at Miami Beach Senior High, Miami Beach, Fl. 33139
    600 students are waiting to see this video. As a World Geography teacher it is of most importance for the students to see this video.

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