Steve Dembo..Mr. Internet?


Lloyd Roche, organizer of the Evergreen School Division’s Riding the Wave of Change technology conference chats with keynote speakers Shann McGrail and Steve Dembo. (picture by Roger Newman)

I had the pleasure of hearing Steve Dembo’s keynote at the Ride the Change Technology Conference in Gimli, Manitoba Canada. Steve blew everyone away and the conference attendees coined him “Mr. Internet.” Check out the recently published article highlighting the event.

I had some time to chat with Steve Dembo after the conference so we could re-cap the event.

Karen : “You spoke at two sessions. What were the topics?”

Steve: “Learning to Speak Native and Going Mobile; Cell phones in Education”

Karen: “What did you take away from the conference?”

Steve: “How important it is to tap into educator’s in your own neighborhood and School. In addition to sharing on a global level you tend to forget that you might just learn something from people in your own community.”

Karen: “What did you learn about Gimli, Manitoba?”

Steve: “Gimli is home to the largest concentration of people of Icelandic ancestry outside of Iceland and has a wonderful Heritage Museum. Tourism is a major industry in Gimli and thousands come to enjoy Lake Winnepeg in the summer. Lake Winnepeg is the largest lake within the borders of Southern Canada.The folks in Gimli are very warm and welcoming and I can’t wait to come back!”

Check out this video and find out more information about Manitoba!


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