It’s All about the Kids for This SVP

Hey DEN! It’s us again, and we are reporting to you after returning from the DCTC editing studios here at Discovery! We met one of the voices behind the curtain and even got to make a little audio recording of ourselves! But we’re really back to introduce you to our second face behind the curtain: Kelli Campbell.

Born: Coal City, IL
College: University of Illinois
Major: Journalism; Minor: History, English
Pet Peeve: people who drive in the passing lane at 50 mph
Loves: Mexican food
Dreams of Going: to Greece
Previous Career Aspirations: Broadcast Journalist

What exactly is Kelli’s role at DE? She is the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Content and Product Development. While she’s been in educational technology since 1998, she’s only been at Discovery Education for four years. Because Kelli is no novice in the business, she’s been able to see the huge transformation technology has brought to the classroom. When Kelli graduated from college, the internet was just beginning to become a tool for learning. As a visual learner, she wishes she had had the opportunities DE provides while she was in school.

Ultimately what’s the thing that Kelli loves most about DE? She can’t pick just one, but she can narrow it down to two. First, she loves everyone she works with and, therefore, genuinely enjoys coming to work everyday. Second, Kelli loves the idea of helping kids learn in the same way that they see the world today. She watches her four year old daughter play around with her iPhone and knows that there is a huge advantage to giving kids the opportunity to carry digital media into their classrooms.

Not long ago, Kelli did a presentation in Columbus, Ohio for elementary school kids. As they “oohed” and “ahhed,” she was able to see first hand how DE helps kids learn by “putting pieces together and driving the point home.” It’s the simple things that make her job so fulfilling.

As far as a sneak peak goes, Kelli informed us that every summer DE comes out with a back to school release of service updates. This year it comes out in July, so in June DE will be asking y’all to give your input! Make sure to mark your calendars so you can get involved!

Lastly, she wanted to say that she really appreciates and loves all the feedback, and is really glad y’all are part of the program! She is inspired and grateful for what you do and loves your continued involvement! Keep it up!

So there you have it DEN readers, another face for you to personally get to know. As you know we’ll be back again next week, so make sure not to miss us!

Connor and Lily


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    Connor and Lily,

    Ya’ll are doing a great job with your posts; keep it up! I love seeing what you have to say and find out who you’ve met during your adventures at 1DP.

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