DENny Awards 2010

A week or so ago, Discovery Education gave out their annual DENny awards.  There were quite a few categories and I’m proud to announce that our own Rachel Yurk, Chair of the Wisconsin DEN Leadership Council, was one of six educators awarded the Leadership Award!  Congratulations Rachel!Several other people I have met have received awards as well and I would like to briefly congratulate those individuals.PL DEN Award – Those who go above and beyond with DE and really help spread the word.

  • My NECC/ISTE housemate, Dennis Grice, picked up one of these awards.  Way to go Dennis.
  • Dean Mantz, from Kansas, was someone I met last year at the DEN LC weekend prior to NECC in Washington DC.  If you subscribe to the DEN Diigo group, you will notice Dean’s name quite a bit as someone sharing great resources.
  • Cheryl Lykowski, from Michigan, also received a Leadership Award.  Cheryl was one of the participants in the LC Retreat in Chicago in January.  We’ve had some discussions with Cheryl and the Michigan team to try and coordinate a Wisconsin – Michigan DEN event.  Whether or not it really happens, I don’t know, but we did have some discussions.
  • Tina Moore, from Tennessee, won a Community Choice Award. I met Tina last year at NECC and I know she’s doing some pretty great things as a member of the Tennessee Leadership Council.

Please take a peek at the DEN events that won the Most Created DEN Event award.  Congratulations to the LC’s who came up with some pretty interesting for educators.To watch the archived video of the DENny Awards and to see what awards were given and who earned those awards, please check out this post on the DEN National Blog.


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