A Legend Among Us!

Who knew it? We have a legend in our midst. At last week’s DENny Awards our one and only RJ Stangherlin was awarded one of two DENny Legend Awards.

Steve Dembo introduced the new awards by explaining that a legend is someone who is retiring or has made a significant contribution to the DEN. He told the story of the first time he met RJ at PETE&C in Hershey, Pennsylvania, The DEN had just started and Steve asked RJ what she thought of the DE, what the DEN meant to her. He expected a brief answer as the DEN had just begun. What he got instead was classic RJ – expressions of gratitude and appreciation, plaudits for Discovery and all the wonderful educators involved in the DEN, and recognition of all things good for education.

Those of us in Pennsylvania have been the lucky recipients of RJ’s phenomenal writing skills. She has been the Pennsylvania Blog Coordinator for the last few years. How she can attend a Discovery event, pay attention, blog with a high degree of literacy, take screen shots, and create an animoto all while most of us struggle to take in what is being said, amazes me.

RJ, you truly are a legend amongst us. As Steve said, you are one of the rocks we have built upon from the very beginning. You have graciously shared your love of learning, your facility with all things tech, and of course your llamas. Thank you RJ for being part of Pennsylvania’s DEN and my PLN! You Rock!


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