New England Day of Discovery Feedback Rolls in

Cheryl Scarsciotti (Elementary Reading Teacher – was Middle School until this year)

As a Reading Teacher I was devastated at first that kids would give up “holding” a book in their hands (as the speaker Steve Dembo described)….after Saturday’s experience however I now think of it as giving students another form of expression, a picture in their head….I also find it to be a great aide in helping students visualize/experience what is going on in non-fiction….


Lynette Swanton (Early Childhood teacher)

I thought there was an infinite amount of information on the DE web site as well as other web sites and sources presented that I can use immediately in the classroom.


Sometimes when we attend programs, we need to spend a great amount of time playing around with something before we can apply it. Many of the suggestions were applicable immediately.


Lots of great discussion between attendees and presenters during the presentations as well. Thus, people did not have to wait to get questions answered or to have the opportunity to explain how they are already using some of the information.


Cara Birrittieri  (Middle School Science Teacher)

This was a FANTASTIC event!  So many questions answered!  The first 10 minutes were immediately helpful to my teaching.  Thank you Discovery Education for giving this science teacher so many amazing resources at my fingertips!

Thanks to Paula Marini for sharing these comments.


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