Spotlight on the Gulf

Yesterday my class was fortunate to experience an awesome webinar on the Gulf Oil spill. Discovery Education and Philippe Cousteau joined forces to educate over 60,000 students (and their teachers!) Philippe and Steve Dembo of Discovery Education showed still photos and explained what had happened with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Philippe then shared video footage of his dive through the oily mess.
My fourth graders were mesmerized and upset. They asked many questions about the scope of the damage and what they could do. After the webinar, Philippe answered many of their questions – as best he could.

This webinar was the catalyst for an important conversation about the power of kids. My students decided they are going to try to use only reusable water bottles. In addition, they are going to try to get their parents to stop using plastic shopping bags – one of Philippe’s biggest pet peeves!
As only Discovery does, the next day the archived webinar was available for anyone who had missed it. In addition, there were DE provided a set of post-webinar extension activities.

For those who would like to follow Philippe’s experiences throughout the Gulf crisis, visit his website Earth Echo International.


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  1. RJ Stangherlin said:

    Awesome webinar; awesome post. Great outcomes. Sorry I’ve been so absent from the blog; incredibly busy times. Back soon.

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