Watch Spotlight on the Gulf with Philippe Cousteau

Thank you to everyone who participated in yesterday’s very special webinar featuring Philippe Cousteau.

You can now download the archive by clicking here.

Also, download the extension activities that accompany the webinar.  Enjoy!


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  1. Paula Naugle said:

    Again thank you for offering this wonderful opportunity to us. I live in New Orleans and am feeling the results of this disaster in my daily life.

  2. Meg Griffin said:

    I watched it with my fourth graders and another class as well. The students were mesmerized and are eager to help. We had a long discussion about plastic water bottles and plastic grocery bags

  3. Elaine Perdew said:

    My sith grade sciece students were glued to the sreen and are quite concerned about the Gulf and it’s people.

  4. Judy Kroboth said:

    This was a fabulous webinar. My 7th graders listened in rapt attention and the discussion that ensued in my classroom was incredible.

    Thank you so much. I am looking forward to sharing the archived webinar with my other students as well.

  5. Chantal Simonelli said:

    I watched this with my 4th, 5th and 6th grade Eco students! They were astonished at the effects this is having on our environment! They are determined to make a difference each and every day through their actions and by spreading the word!

  6. Leslie Ponce said:

    What a wonderful program. My second graders were truly impressed. Thank you so much. Our question is, “Could the oil eventually seep into the limestone in Florida and pollute our aquifer and therefore our drinking water?”

  7. Robin Talkowski said:

    Thanks so much for archiving this. I could not watch during the school day, so this was great. So much good information on a very difficult and scary situation.

  8. Lori Abrahams said:

    We had 60 students watching it live and 60 more will be watching this archive. Thanks, this is so timely and such great information. Students need to know what is happening to their ecosystems and how to help our planet.

  9. Becky Dingle said:

    This should be required viewing for all environmental science, and social studies classes. The footage and dialogue are very appropriate and kept all of our 4th graders glued to the smartboard! Thank you for the chance to view this important historical event.

  10. Erin Yagi said:

    Thank you for this amazing webcast! We are currently on summer break, so I will be sure to show this to my students when we start up again after summer vacation.

    Thank you again!

  11. dom speck said:

    this is a disaster and we to better prepare our self for a disaster like this so that we have a plan incase this ever happens gain

  12. elijah baker said:

    it was a long video but a lot of good information ……..

  13. dominique speck said:

    thank you im a sixth grader and this has helped to make me understand more about the gulf spill and how it is affecting people.

    thank you again

  14. Haggie Mayler said:

    You should use a cartoon for the younger kids, so they can understand it better. This video is for adults but kids want to learn about this too. So make a cartoon webcast.

  15. Debra Peet said:

    The information presented was an eye opener and allowed my students to really understand the impact of this oil spill. My students were also glued to the smartboard and we had just recently celebrate Earth Day and studied the Exxon Valdez spill, so we have a great awareness to this type of catastrophe and its effects on the environment.

  16. Paula Marini said:

    Thank you so much for making this resource available.

    I downloaded the Philippe Cousteau webinar to use with our summer school students. However, the .m4v format will not play on the school’s computers. What program will play this format or is there a converter that will work?
    Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

  17. Amber Ryan said:

    When I sall what had happend it was a big disaster, I know that it’s a 104 days, and 7,000,000 barrles are in the gulf and on it’s way up Florda. Thay say that not all of Florda has the oil on the beaches and I found out that 1/4 of Florda is not with oil, and you may say it’s not all with oil, but I am whaching the oil spill on the news and google earth.

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