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Hey DEN! Us again! This week we spent two days being “typical” interns: we made about 400 phone calls to participants in the Young Scientist Challenge to remind them to submit their videos. It’s old-fashioned “digit”al media – we learned the geography of area codes by using our digits to dial all those people. We also had the pleasure of meeting and talking with DE’s VP of Sales and Development, Hardin Daniel.

Born: Middle Tennessee
College: University of Richmond and Vanderbilt University
Major: History, Latin
Fear: Drowning
Dreams of Going: to Vietnam
Loves: High quality South American food

So what exactly does Hardin do here at DE? He works with internal teams and customers to develop and release products and services. Working with teachers, he focuses on the quality of DE’s assessment tools and the information it provides about student learning. He also helps teachers learn how best to use the DE programs and assessments. Ultimately his goal is to collaborate with both district administration and people in charge of curriculum in order to decide what they are looking for in assessments.

In school, Hardin was most engaged by connecting to history on a personal level. One of his favorite teachers was able to help him do that without the use of digital media. The only technology Hardin was given in school was a word processor. From teaching to working at DE, Hardin now believes that every student should have unlimited access to information and media that helps them find their personal connection – whether teachers are helping them find a snail mail pen pal or connect through VoiceThread.

What did he do before all of this? Hardin was in education for 10 years as a teacher and principal. For seven of those 10, he worked at a school in South America. After having limited access to the internet as a student, and then again in his school in South America, Hardin realizes what a difference DE can make for teachers searching for material and trying to help students connect.

This week, the Sneak Peek comes from us: next week, our real photo will be on the blog! This was our last week in the office, but we do have one more blog (with our iPhone app developer) to post next Friday! We really enjoyed our experience here – we loved reading your comments, so don’t be shy!


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  1. Donna said:

    I have worked with Hardin for almost 7 years now and found him to be quite talented in the area of formative assessment and the use of data to improve teaching and learning. He has a beautiful family and his wife’s tomato soup is to die for!!

  2. Kyle Schutt said:

    Thanks for updating us on your experience each week! It’s been a pleasure sharing your journeys through the blog.

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