Mashups at ISTE: Got Projects! + MovieMaker Chromakey

ISTEAt ISTE 2010 (the conference formerly known as NECC), I will doing a few presentations but the most mediamaking-fun will be the Web 2.0 videos+original videos+curriculum mashups.  Basically, it’s creating content on Web 2.0 sites, like Gizmoz, Blabberize, Wordle, etc., then video-screen capturing it, and editing it with student work and/or DES videos.  Living on the desktop, the clips (and the projects) are not dependent on the Net connection to work.  GoogleLitTrips, GoogleEarth, Second Life all work well in the classroom this way. Think chromakey, too.  Bonus: In preparing, I discovered that Gizmoz gizmozblue.pngavatars actually blue screen (chromakey) nicely into MovieMaker–a sort of Holy Grail for free effects. Example is here in MediaShare(“MonkeyGizmozBiome”).  Mac, too, in iMovie ’09 here and here.   Go to MediaShare itself for details on how-to. (MovieMaker tips Chromakey for PC. ) But my projects pale in comparison to DEN projects made by monkeyleafmac.pngteachers or students in the classroom. Your projects have more validity than mine. If you have some Web 2.0 mash-up projects that you would like to share, let me know!  Fame and glory points given. Post themmonkeymashupfinal.png in MediaShare or send me an email.    I love to let people know what the DEN is doing.  Do not think these have to be perfect (mine aren’t!).  The model is to let other teachers know it can be done!  Thanks! – Hall


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  1. Laura said:

    You are so knowledgable about these sites, and you make it all sound so easy to do! Thank you for your encouragement and support–I’m sure the submissions yet to come will be outstanding as they continue to demonstrate creativity and technology talent…

  2. Diana McTeague said:

    I just attended my second Tech Conference — I was overwhelmed at the amount of information available to all teachers. The age of the Digital School is here and I can’t wait to share with my colleagues what I learned!

  3. Adrienne Hernandez said:

    This was my first time attending a Technology Conference and it truly amazed me how much technology is being used and is available to help students learn. It amazes me that today, technology is so useful to our students and even to myself as a teacher. All these sites that are out there look wonderful and I plan on using some of these in my classroom one day. Thanks again for the helpful information.

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