A Leader for All Seasons: Meg Griffin

Whether her fourth grade class is participating in a Discovery webinar, or she is presenting at the DEN PreCon @PETE&C and PETE&C 2010 (or elsewhere), or attending a gala Discovery NY premiere (to the right of Captain Sullenberger), or adding to her professional profile her work and that of her students, or in her free time managing the PA DEN Leadership Council as our President, Meg Griffin is the hallmark of one who leads by doing. And she is always doing great things. How she manages everything in her life seamlessly is seriously beyond my ken, but I can promise you she is unflappable in the process. A leader who inspires others to achieve their personal best, Meg Griffin is a leader for all seasons–for many reasons.

Her most recent achievements are stellar, just like the true national shining star she is. That’s our Meg! Can you believe Meg apologized for not making the top ten when she is 1 of 50 from 700+ applicants who received the PBS Teachers Innovation Award for Inspiring Students and Transforming Classroom Learning. Announced on May 5, 2010, Meg is officially what we always knew, one of the very best educators in the United States, and a PA DEN treasure! More about her award:

PBS and its member stations celebrated 50 of the nation’s most innovative preK-12 educators who are discovering new ways to engage their students and inspire them to achieve. The PBS Teachers Innovation Awards program honors teachers who are transforming classroom learning and providing children with the tools they need to reach their full potential and succeed in the 21st century. All winners will receive instructional technology resources from PBS and its partners and participate in a peer-to-peer network to share best practices using public digital media.

You can read the project description and view Meg’s video on the PBS Innovation Awards Gallery.

Her next award continues to reinforce her excellence; she is the recipient of the DENny Award for Leadership. As Steve Dembo, emcee for the DENny Awards, stated, the PA DEN LC was already very active, but Meg took it to the next level with a ton of initiative, making the PA LC run like a well-oiled machine. Steve said it just hums along and something is always going on, and not just because one-third of the DEN lives in Pennsylvania, but because of Meg Griffin. I know Steve from the very beginning of the DEN and I can tell you he is always right!

Excellence in education leadership has no season; it is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe, and those of us in the DEN have come to expect excellence from its STARS and GURUS. But Meg Griffin resets the standards for achievement. She creates a huge footprint, and those of us who attempt to follow her lead have truly a large imprint to fill. You are an awesome person, Meg, and we are proud to call you our own. Thank you for the skill, expertise, dedication, energy and compassion you bring to all who know you. We join you in a virtual celebration of your success!

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  1. Meg Griffin said:

    I am humbled and touched by your kind words RJ. AL,L and I do mean all, of my achievements are because of my amazing colleagues. They inspire me every day. Thank you!

  2. Jan Abernethy said:

    Congratulations, Meg! We in Pennsylvania are proud to call you our leader! You are a Rock Star!!!!!

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