MashUps in Denver + MovieMaker ChromaKey

ISTEWant your projects to go to the national tech conference? At ISTE 2010 (the conference formerly known as NECC), I’m doing a presentation but the most mediamaking-fun will be the Web 2.0 videos+original videos+curriculum mashups.  Basically, it’s creating content on Web 2.0 sites, like Gizmoz, Blabberize, Wordle, etc., then video-screen capturing it, and editing it with student work and/or DES videos.  Living on the desktop, the clips (and the projects) are not dependent on the Net connection to work.  GoogleLitTrips, GoogleEarth, Second Life all work well in the classroom this way. Think chromakey, too.  Bonus: In preparing, I discovered that Gizmoz gizmozblue.pngavatars actually blue screen (chromakey) nicely into MovieMaker–a sort of Holy Grail for free effects. Example is here in MediaShare(“MonkeyGizmozBiome”).  Mac, too, in iMovie ’09 here and here.   Go to MediaShare itself for details on how-to. (MovieMaker tips Chromakey for PC. ) But my projects pale in comparison to DEN projects made by monkeyleafmac.pngteachers or students in the classroom. Your projects have more validity than mine. If you have some Web 2.0 mash-up projects that you would like to share, let me know!  Fame and glory points given. Post themmonkeymashupfinal.png in MediaShare or send me an email.    I love to let people know what the DEN is doing.  Do not think these have to be perfect (mine aren’t!).  The model is to let other teachers know it can be done!  Thanks! – Hall


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  1. Patti Harju said:

    I am not able to use DE Streaming Video Clips in iMovie 09. A video that was downloaded earlier in the year works, but any others I try to download will not import into iMovie 09. Anyone have a suggestion?

  2. Martha Snider said:

    So that I don’t miss a moment of DEN fun, when do I need to be in Denver? I’ve got to firm up my arrival date and travel plans by Wednesday. My hubby thus far has been patiently waiting for school to be out. Now, that it is, he wants to book his t-times for when I’m DEN’ing. Thanks.

  3. Hall Davidson said:

    Patti, Joe is right. Import the quicktime streaming video into iTunes, then right click on it (or use menu)Convert to iPod/iPhone. A little yellow wheel will spin and create another video (m4v instead of .mov). It has the same name. Find it in the iTunes folder, drag into iMovie, or PhotoBooth, etc. iTunes fills in the “missing” parts of the quicktime files. Whenever Apple upgrades QuickTime, sometimes the existing files are left in the lurch.

  4. Teryl Magee said:

    Looking forward to some more entertainment and learning from THE Hall Davidson. I’ll see what I can come up w/as far as clips for ya. I think my teachers have some good ones to use, but I won’t be able to get them to you until next week. Email me if you need the sooner. CU in Denver. ~TN

  5. Patti Harju said:

    Thanks Hall and Joe! It worked beautifully!
    Next year’s class better watch out – We will have fun finding ways to use DE clips.

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