Preparing for Summer

As summer approaches, it’s time to pack up your room or office until the next school year. But make things easier on yourself by being prepared! Does any of this sound familiar?

“Now where did I put those whiteboard markers?”

“Password…password…maybe it’s this one?”

“What was the name of that website with that cool activity I used last year?”

Nothing can be more stressful than not remembering where you packed away supplies or what your username and password combination is for a particular website. So how can you avoid those end-of-summer blues? No worries, the SC Leadership Council has a few tips to help make that transition into the new year just a little easier for you.

Interactive Whiteboard Items
If you’re school doesn’t have a system for storing the removable items of your interactive whiteboard, here’s a suggestion to make sure you don’t lose your classroom set! Place your whiteboard markers and eraser into a Ziploc bag with your name and room number on it. Be sure to check with your building administrators, in case your room is scheduled to be used over the summer. Make sure the Ziploc bag gets stored in a safe place, like a filing cabinet or locking wall cabinet. While you’re at it, why not toss the projector remote in there as well? This would ensure that all of these items are kept together and nothing goes missing.

Favorite Websites
Here are two ways to plan for easy access to your favorite websites. Try setting up online bookmarks that allow you to organize them into folders. When you return for the next school year, all of those great sites will be at your fingertips! Here’s an example of online bookmarks. Check out these sites for a free account and start saving those links: Delicious, Google Bookmarks, Porta Portal, IKeepBookmarks.

Another suggestion would be to create a Hotlist of links that can be opened on your computer. You can use a Word Processor or even create a PDF so that you can link directly from the document. Save the file to your desktop or on a removable storage drive for easy access when you return. To be safe, save it in TWO places…maybe even email it to yourself.

Usernames and Passwords
This is a tough one! Don’t panic, most sites have a username/password look-up system…but you usually have to remember one or the other. Before you start taping that sensitive login information to the bottom of your keyboard (DON’T DO THAT!), try one of these suggestions:

1) Write or type out your username and password information, along with the URL to each site, on a sheet of paper or in a word processed document. Seal that into an envelope, and file it away in a safe place.

2) List login information and turn it in to a collaborating teacher or your library media specialist for safe keeping.

3) Create a Google Spreadsheet of that information so that you can always access it online. You can continue adding to it throughout the year.

There, feel better? Now you can go and enjoy your summer knowing that your return will be a tad simpler. Got anything to add? Post a comment below with some tips that have helped you transition a little smoother after summer. We want hear from you!

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  1. Norma Rockwell said:

    another trick someone shared with me – use the same base password & change the prefix/suffix for each account. i.e. base=student. password for DEN=240student. Keep the additional info listed, but not the base. i.e. 240* I do have financial accounts that I added both a prefix & suffix for additional security.

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