Try this on your summer vacation? Video editing

Are you a video editor? Do you use free iMovie or Windows MovieMaker? I’m definitely not into video production, but I’ve had lots of fun with around the house video and using a “green screen” to insert my talking head or bouncing dog. My trial copy of a well known video editing application has long since expired and I’ve missed “chroma-key” enabling one to overlay that “talking head” because MovieMaker doesn’t have that tool. Our vacation in San Diego will provide quite a few opportunities for short videos (love that Flip Mino!) and the summer is a great time for me to experiment. I finally found what looks like a promising solution to a “green screen” or “blue screen” editing feature but I haven’t tried it yet. Are you a reasonable risk taker? How about joining me in exploring the tips from this site  and reporting back with your comments about how it worked for you?

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  1. arizona video production said:

    I am not a video editor but I tried editing a video..!!Since I am not good I usually use movie maker of course..!!This is such a very wonderful post..!!Good job.!

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