One Last Introduction from Connor and Lily

Hello hello! We’re back again with some inside information about another exciting member of the DE staff! Meet Todd Zander, Vice President of Digital Distribution, located in our New York City office.

Born: Suburban Massachusetts
College: Lafayette College
Major: International Affairs
Pet Peeve: Long voicemails
Loves: Sushi
Dreams of Going: to Australia

Todd’s favorite professor was Professor McCartney, who taught him about political science and third world politics. All Professor McCartney had was a sheet of lecture notes and a podium, but he was able to keep his students fully engaged and really make the information interesting, even without all the digital media.

Todd believes that a good teacher doesn’t always need the digital media to completely engage his students, but it never hurts.

He went through school with hardly any technology at all. Students now rely almost completely on technology, whether it is email or the internet in general, but he didn’t have either of those until his junior year in college. As he said, “If you needed to get in touch with a teacher, you actually went and found them.”

What’s Todd’s role at DE? He licenses and distributes video and content through both mobile and internet devices. He works a lot with Youtube and Verizon to distribute Discovery’s content, such as TLC. More closely related to DE, he works on strategic partnerships and is currently working on building Discovery Education iTouch and iPhone apps.

We asked him for a little sneak peek on an iPhone app that is soon to come out and learned that it is targeting 5th grade US geography curriculum. Through this app, kids are going to be able to use different elements for learning, from quizzes to gaming and competing with other users, but Todd claims that “It is going to be a whole new experience.”

When we asked Todd if he had any special message for our DEN readers, he said, “Whazzup?!” Probably rhetorical.


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  1. Teryl Magee said:

    Connor and Lily,

    Your blog posts have been great! Hopefully, if you weren’t blogging before, you’ve caught the bug. Keep it up!

    I hope the ride was good at Discovery; I know we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you!


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