LC DEN: Plans for 2010-11

On Saturday, members of Discovery Ed’s New England LCs (Leadership Councils) met to lay some terrific plans for the upcoming school year. And from where I was sitting, it looks like we did.


Lance set the stage with an impressive virtual appearance where he clearly framed the LC’s role: the link for teachers to DE content and resources. But it was sheer showmanship when, after losing Lance in WebEx cyberspace, Whitney brought him back with mini speakers and her cell phone. Holding both in one hand she allowed him to finish his message.

Planned? perhaps; Genius, for sure! These DE folk are clever.


LC reps from as far as Maine, NJ, NY, CT and MA were in attendance. Discussion revealed that most educators are UNAWARE of the resources, website, lesson plans and programs that DE provides.


To address this void the following steps were taken:

Host 4 events

The first is A Day of Discovery, October 16, planned as a precursor to CECA. Teacher and administrators are welcome to explore how DE resources can be integrated in the classroom via SmartBoard, Glogster and GoogleEarth.


DE Website is being revised

A personalized homepage. Layout is completely fluid; info blocks can be positioned as you like.

Assignment Builder revised: a 3 step operation, not 5 underscoring ease of use and flexibility.

Better access of Extra (lesson plans, puzzles, activities, toolkits). For a great preview join this webinar on June 15:

Event Information: Discovery Education First Look: Back to School Updates 2010

Assessment section added

Tips, Featured Content to demo the good/new stuff, News and Events, and a Webinar schedule, Best Practice models, all help get the word out and sells the service.

Some additionals were mentioned and feedback was requested:


Theme pages

Fable (popular resource list)

Recently added (search)


Stay tuned for future updates.


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