Repost: It's Party Time!

Why not send those end of the year and summer party invitations in style. We are all familiar with Evite, but below are a few other options guaranteed to make your party planning go smoothly.

Doodle is a great online date decider. It eliminates all of those back and forth emails when you are trying to pick a date. I used it with my staff when we were trying to choose a date for our staff retreat. There are two things you can do with Doodle. Schedule an event or make a choice. You can visually see what dates work for people.


My PunchBowl


  • Date decider
  • invites and save the date available
  • Create a food list and keep track of what people are bringing
  • Lots of great designs

Purple Trail


  • Similar to Evite – no advertisements
  • Invites can be sent over email, SMS and Facebook
  • Modules can be added
    • -Polls
    • -Collect money
    • -What to bring and more



  • Invitations
  • eCards with a designer series that includes design from Martha Stewart
  • You can create and then have them print and mail invites. Cost is $1.50 + postage
  • “Surround Send” post to email, the web, SMS, Facebook and Twitter
  • Lots of great designs

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